What are Candle Boys?


You all know the type. The word, “He’s a musician”, eyes roll and someone asks, “yeah but what does he do?”. Even Hollywood movies portray majority of them this way. Ok, 8 times out of 10, they are jobless, still living with the parents, and spending more time on Facebook trying to chat up chicks in the guise of “promoting their band” than they spend in the studio writing and recording music, or learning how to tune their instruments for that matter. Just to put out only a few songs after trying to promote for years, and they weren’t even worth the wait.

10+ years later, circles change, and adult reflections occur on the difference between real actively working musicians, and musician wannabees.

This My friends, is what we lovingly refer to now as “Candle Boys”

Why Candle Boys, you might ask? Well it’s a story, and a funny one that if you are nice I might tell you someday.

But More Importanly, We are not that type. “Candle boy” quality music is something you will never find here. Unless we just feel like Fucking with you.

Your Welcome,

Katlina Kliewer



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