Not Political (Just Thinking Aloud): “Twitter Notices Received?”

I read it was going to happen and then I received a notice from Twitter: “You have interacted with some Russian bots and liked or re-tweeted material during the 2017 election”.


(If only the Russian-bots had not influenced me, I may have actually voted.) <-- said sarcastically while rolling my eyes...

Twitter is a free to use social-media service that is not country specific (aside from Mainland China) and it does not prohibit use of feeds. It says so specifically in their TOS. So called “Propaganda” is just a form of free-speech. It should be protected no matter which side or which country or who’s opinion it comes from. If they are trying to censor material posted from “Russian-bots” then at the end of the day, it is not about Russia or the so called election.

It is an attack on free-speech, free-thought and is an issue of censorship.

It should not matter whether I liked or re-tweeted something from anyone during an “election” year.

So, excuse my language but, Fuck you Twitter and Fuck whoever paid you off because you are obviously doing someone else’s bidding!


21 thoughts on “Not Political (Just Thinking Aloud): “Twitter Notices Received?””

  1. This is definitely an example of censorship and I really appreciate your guts for sharing this story. It’s sad to hear that Twitter did this. It’s just hard and sad to believe

  2. I can blame your reaction. If I also got the same notice, I will also be angry, like very angry. They say that Twitter is for everyone’s opinion, yet they’ll give me this?

  3. I agree everyone is taking this FREEDOM of Speech literally without noticing that it comes with consequence. With that said I think these notices are fair.

  4. I respect Speech Freedom but with the way the F word is used now then I can understand restrictions. Remember it is not absolute nothing is.

  5. What exactly is a Russian bot? I can only assume that Twitter’s suggesting the Russians trifled with the American election.

    1. that’s what they are implying by sending out notices to anyone who interacted with these russian “propaganda”. I read all sorts of articles about and from many countries. I feel more well rounded by seeing more than one side to everything that is reported. I’m just irritated I guess, that the american political system has to be so petty.

  6. I really don’t see the use of this because you never violated twitter’s TOS. So I support you they shouldn’t have censored the tweets.

  7. We really ought to be careful what we share through social media this days. There are so many violations that one can be accused of even without their knowledge. So thanks for the heads up.

  8. Very true. The social websites like twitter should be left to people despite their line of thoughts, unless they violate the company’s tos.

  9. I agree with this notices. It promotes twitter as a platform to help people. Social Media usage should be used responsively. Twitter is taking steps to that.

  10. Oh gosh I had the same experience as you did! This is really scary and we should be careful about using social media especially Twitter and Facebook! Anyways, thanks for the heads up!

  11. This is kinda disturbing. Twitter is a free speech platform and should just allow people to twit. I think censorship should only be imposed if someone’s twit becomes a national security threat or a personal attack to other people, putting their dignity at stake.

  12. Is this what they call moderation of social media use? In my case I say it’s violation of freedom of communication.

  13. Twitter should have informed its users what are off-topics to tweet or retweet before sending such notices. It is clearly against the terms of service. They must be afraid of being censored by the American authorities that is why they have resorted to sending these notices.

  14. It must be distressing to you to have your right to free speech taken away. Twitter should be free to everyone. I wonder what made Twitter send such notices.

  15. This is definitely bad news. Twitter should be a platform where people should be able to speak whatever they political view. I hope nothing like this will happen in the future.

  16. They are being insecure, criticizing something that they do not have a proof. Everyone has a twitter and if they will censor something like that, then it is not a freedom anymore. Freedom to use social network is for someone’s benefit but not always associated with something big and illegal.

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