Thoughts about GUMROAD

So I was thinking about Gumroad, and what I really like about it is the accountability and the transparency it has. You can not purchase fake “followers” or “likes” and when given a link to your stuff, your listeners will not accidentally find someone else’s product while browsing your selection. It is truly self contained, what you see is what you get. Gumroad can be a really great/versatile tool.

The other great feature is that it is highly track-able. I can give away free downloads, and see just how many were obtained and from which region, Something that iTunes can not give you. According to iTunes data, you can’t even tell which of your products is doing better than another.

On the flip-side, Gumroad has done nothing to improve its visibility.
(Which actually may be a good thing too as it prevents over-saturation of products)

What do you think?

– Katlina Kliewer

Entertainment Entrepreneur / Brand Developer


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