This Week Has Been A Blur

This week has been a blur.

It’s my first week back to work at the hospital after a very long road trip, (Our first long one with a baby under the age of one)!

I have to say I think we are all still exhausted. I know I am. He did really well on the drive, surprisingly. 4 days straight driving and being stuck in a car seat is a bit much for even the most patient of babies. But now that I know he can handle it. I am starting to make a small list of the other places I’d like to go and see. I don’t know if I’ll ever lose my itch for travel.

A few things on my list of places in the States are; Mount Rushmore, to see the grand canyon again, to make it to the Hot air balloon festival in New Mexico, and Ann Arbor Michigan and surrounding areas, and The Niagara Falls. This is a small but growing list. What are some places you guys would like to go?

It was so great to go back home and visit our extended families, I missed them and love them, but I don’t think I can go back permanently. Travel is in my blood, and it calls to me. I’m just thrilled that we will be able to continue to include my son, and make it a “family thing”.

But for now, it’s back to work. Both at the Hospital and at Takeo Tama and our brands. Some really good things are in the works and for now I’m just working on getting my groove back and staying helpful.


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