The Weather And, The Wine (Be Warned, Things Could Get Naked)

Here I am, engrossed in my own world, listening to music, working on a painting, the windows are all open, the wind kicks up, I’m enjoying the breeze with a glass of wine…

Wind, which is now throwing the blinds all over the place, add some lightning–It is beautiful, it is bright, it is “extremely” loud and ‘incredibly’ close…

Wine has a funny way of changing your perspective. It gives you grand ideas, such as, “Yay, let’s go outside and watch it.”

I love watching lightning.

The next day, it turns out the town closest to mine had a tornado (in which no one was harmed thankfully).

My oblivion nature makes me laugh…

There is much I don’t know about this entertainment industry. Further still, much I don’t know about myself. I’m still learning and growing and stretching to see how far I can reach. I haven’t always been a Professional Singer. This is new (although, I used to be a magician’s assistant, for a short while).

And as they say, “Don’t quit your day job?”–Well, my day job is in the medical-field but be warned, this music, this art, and my company are not my ‘hobby’. It is not my “pet project’. I just might drop kick the next person that infers that this is all it is.

You can not be a king in your own village, eh?

Blow me (and yeah, I’m a girl but, do it anyway).

With the completion of each new song, I feel the excitement of possibilities. I get excited because this is all stuff that If I heard it elsewhere, I would enjoy listening to it, and they would become my new favorites. I find myself humming them during work, around my patients, and apparently, there is some humming that I do even in my sleep.

Anyhow, about that magician’s assistant thing; this was many years ago. Don’t laugh too hard, but prepare to be amazed!!

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48 thoughts on “The Weather And, The Wine (Be Warned, Things Could Get Naked)”

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  2. Shoot! I turned my rig over once and almost didn’t get back to my wife, kids, or BEER! The scary thing for me isn’t the precision or tired ride but instead, it’s the aggrivation of not knowing when it all comes back to try and get you again. I hear the tv or radio say storm now and I shiver cuz you know it’s coming, don’t know what’s but it is. Keep on surviving!

  3. Well my WIFE and her WINE are not easy to separate. I’ve tried, movies, games, sex, even inviting another man to bed and she’d rather have that bottle than whatever is going on inside my head, yikes!!!!!

  4. If you steer women by the ear on wine then you end up near another man’s breath with his stick in YOUR eye! Trust me, it has happened pretty much al the time and I’m not fugly!!!

  5. I have a famous relative who is in denial that wine make her satan. So when she drinks it, we call her Jean, hoping it levels out her feelings to come back down to earth. It never works but, what she doesn’t drink, we ALL DRINK!!!! 🙂 And that’s a lot o wine! 😉

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  7. Cool! It’s funny when you mix humor with magic. I didn’t know wine mixed well with making art. I’ll have to remember that.

  8. This is hilarious! Seriously, how can you be oblivious to the tornado rolling into town? LOL! And that magic show! Hahahah! I wonder what in the medical field you’re doing, and still have all this crazy talent with you!

  9. I’ve recently been learning about the “law of attraction.” If you see yourself as a singer and align your thoughts with succeeding as such, your chances of success will be that much greater. I believe if there is something that you truly enjoy doing and you do it well, there is no limit as to how far you can go with it if you believe in yourself and the wisdom of the universe to allow it.

  10. That is just impressive! You have a day job in the medical field, already quite demanding, and you are still offering your services to others. The last guy who commented, a nice one.

  11. “Listening to music, working on a painting, the windows are all open, the wind kicks up, I’m enjoying the breeze with a glass of wine…” – that’s what I need to be doing real soon. It is only Thursday and I’m thoroughly exhausted already… Please weekend, get here faster!!!

    1. I’ve been a little fearful of magic since “the prestige” and “lord of illusions”. The first one because I know how greedy people can be which is awful and the second one because I really think I’d be the cult leader, easily!

  12. The video is awesome! It must have been pretty neat to be a magician’s assistant. I also have a “hobby” that I am working to be more of a full or part time “job” in the future. Unlike you, however, I am not quitting my day job because I like my current job and it is also somehow nice to be part of someone else’s dream (meaning my employer’s :)). I am always supportive of other people who wants to focus on their dream full-time though. Just give time to what you enjoy doing then everything will fall into place.

  13. I really like how you write and describe things. It gives me a feeling that I am also there witnessing what you are witnessing. Plus your magic video gave me a good laugh! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  14. That video was pretty entertaining. It had the right amount of humor and magic, and I enjoyed every second of it. You have a pretty amazing life because you are constantly surrounded by beauty and art, and you are passionate about what you do.

  15. I enjoyed watching the magic show. I think there’s a big hole under the casket and on the stage. It’s impossible for the lady to fit inside that casket.

  16. Well I think the same way as you think, I mean if you truly want to be a singer and you are prepare to do that, you don´t need a backup job while you are following your dream.

  17. Well a lot of people thinks that they have the right to judge how you´re gonna live your own life, but they will never have the courage to do what you did.

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