The Dangers Of Personal Feelings For Art In Public Distribution

An opinion, that Takeo Tama Music is “retro” or, has a ‘dated’ sound; I would not debate that our creations may remind a listener of sounds from another time, but, I must clarify, “We are not aiming to exist in a paradigm of gimmicks or throwback notions”.

When you don’t use modern equipment such as auto-tune or solid-state-logic recording-hardware, the end result is natural and full of pleasant imperfections.

(Classic James Brown recording)

We’re creating the art fueled by our passions and dreams.

Does Art know the concept of time, or the invocation of an expiration date?

(Regarded as a modern classic by some listeners)

Pop-Culture suggests that artistry has to change and keep up with trends to be, “commercially viable”.

I cannot disagree stronger.

(A prime example of the commercially viable sound, created with tons of auto-tune and solid-state-logic devices)

Michelangelo, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Ludwig van Beethoven, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra, The Scorpions, Kraftwerk, and Michael Jackson, all have something in common, and that is what we’re aiming for; to achieve greatness and to continue improving ourselves, heralding the chance to inspire others to aspire and be influenced beyond the status-quo.

The Dangers Of Personal Feelings For Art In Public Distribution

Click to Play “The Medicine Cabinet” by: Sekrett Scilensce [Takeo Tama]

(And that’s just the first half of the song)…


Katlina Kliewer (Brand Management Member) [Takeo Tama co.]

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37 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Personal Feelings For Art In Public Distribution”

  1. “We are not aiming to exist in a paradigm of gimmicks or throwback notions” – it is probably normal for people to think otherwise. After all, many out there actually aim for that because of the broadness in social acceptance. You know that you are doing something original. That is all that matters. It will just take some time, but eventually, people will realize that you are doing your own thing. Until then, don’t let anyone stop you from doing what love to do. Cheers!

  2. “the end result is natural and full of pleasant imperfections” – love that line! Nowadays, perfection seems like an imperfection because of those enhancement programs and stuff , at least in my opinion. Perhaps this is the reason why I prefer to listen to live versions.

  3. Очень большой блог и мышление. Мое удовольствие от нового аватара тоже. Призрачные русалки-фантомы глубоких синих вод! 😉

  4. I know exactly deep inside me what this blog is talking about and its the truth magnified by ten hundred million!

  5. Music is probably the only real magic in the real world. It can change the mood, feelings, and sometimes even opinions of people. Has multiple effects depending the person who will listen. By the way, love the artwork on the profile pic Katlina!

  6. Music can age but it can never expire. And, as we can all observe these days, some of them have even been adapted to the musical norms of today. The oldies are digitally remastered, revived, and even remade. I love them all the same.

    1. Well, the Re-Mastered sh*t blows usually. I heard E.L.O. Classics on the Radio while being driven and the pulling up of vox-tracks to match the modern SSL ‘upfront’ “mix” (?) sound was awful.

      The Vocoder bits now sounded extra bright and nasally and the drums were lifeless.

      So F*ck that…

      Original Percy Sledge:

      Original 45

      Remastered Percy Sledge:

      Digi Update

      – Ss

  7. “We’re creating the art fueled by our passions and dreams.” – Love this! And this is why music, or any other form of art for that matter, is timeless. I envy those who can create such a beautiful legacy.

  8. Food, after some time, can no longer be consumed. Well, they can be at one’s own risk of course, but who’d want do do that? Music, on the other hand cannot be affected by the elements or microorganism for it to spoil. The medium wherein they are stored may deteriorate or get broken, but the music itself will remain intact in other things they may have been recorded in and in the minds of all those who listened and appreciated them, surpassing lifetimes.

  9. When a music is old, it simply means that it was made earlier than the others. It does not mean it is no longer suitable for listening anymore. Lately, I find myself listening more to older music. Some of them actually have better quality compared to the new ones.

  10. I don’t think music has an expiration date. It’s just that people’s preference in music is pretty fickle. One way or the other, the preference will eventually turn toward other kinds somewhere in time. And the funny thing when that happens, some will think they are listening to something new!

  11. As Bob Marley once said “one good thing about music, when music hits you, you feel no pain”. We should just all enjoy the music we like right? Whether it’s classical music, rock, electro, dance, house, dubstep or country, we should all enjoy humankind’s greatest creation.

  12. Music is mankind’s greatest achievement, why should we be bashing and criticizing it with unneeded hate? Don’t get me wrong, there are horrible songs out there, (anything from Cannibal Corpse and most of Justin Bieber’s songs are just too “pop” for me) but that’s just my musical taste speaking, so in a sense, there really is no universally “bad” song out there (not that i know of at least). And this is coming from someone who listens to a wide variety of musical genres. I understand criticism is pretty normal for just about everything and i also understand it IS in fact healthy to debate about these kinds of things, but at the end of the day, let’s just all enjoy the music yeah?

  13. I think music is a universal language to express feelings. Each and every one of us has a different taste which differs globally with the culture, language, tastes etc. To me, music is something which should ease our nerves and makes us feel happy and excited and lift our spirits when we are feeling low.

  14. Music should be expressed freely. Don’t worry if you’re not matched by the pop culture. There’s always some people who will be fans of your art 🙂

  15. I really appreciate the music that made by passions and dreams even it’s not following the trend. Be original cause following the trend is too mainstream.

  16. Am I losing something? Or I don’t get it? For me, Music is universal. It is also an art of expressing ones feeling, experience, stories and message. All who are composing music is a blessing for me and we only choose what we like the most. Those who can connect with us.

  17. As always the title is very far from the actual topic ha ha. Anyway, music is universal. It transcends language.

  18. Love the song Kat! I’m a vinyl collector and there’s no better way to appreciate songs than through its most basic, unaltered form.

  19. Music is universal. It is not bound by time. It is also subjective that’s why some people might say certain kinds of music are “retro” because it reminded them of a previous time or experience.

  20. Очень интересные способы просмотра различий в мыслях о перспективах.

        1. @RuzziRudy: В нас всегда идет война. Для меня это зависит …

          @Mikey-J-: As art knows not time, our music knows not country boundaries. 😉

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