TakeoTama.com: “The Internet Purge, The Noise It’s Created, And What We Hear”

Business-UpdateAugust 15th, 2018 – After seeing time and time again, people getting censored, banned, deleted, and blocked for reasons varying from hate speech to differing opinions, “we” ‘as a company’, will not cry conspiracy — For a while, we are experimenting with utilizing a few other networks (as well) — The lines of expectation vs. reality have blurred, but honestly, “we” ‘don’t really care’. Politics and culture varies country to country, so why should that stop us? The extra noise and constraints can hinder creativity but, we WON’T disable your comments! (Even when you don’t like what we’re doing)…

That being said, WE PUSH ON!! We will continue to have our own websites until the internet dies.

When and if that happens then I will personally sell cd’s from the trunk of my car. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just bake everyone cupcakes and sit outside my house with a lemonade stand.

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23 thoughts on “TakeoTama.com: “The Internet Purge, The Noise It’s Created, And What We Hear””

  1. Pretty worried about the internet really. What with this net neutrality thing and all. It’s pretty crazy! I know that the internet has made a lot of changes, both good and bad.

    And well, there are those things like banning and whatnot affected by one’s race, beliefs, some for even the most ridiculous things. I mean I get it internet free speech, we can say stuff, but no, we can’t spread hate speech and lies and misunderstanding. People should learn that there’s also etiquette on the world wide web.

  2. I agree with you but internet is a good way also to express ourselves. However others do not verify or make research on thing just believe in what they saw and read.

  3. I wonder if there will be any changes to the internet in the future. My mind has more questions now after reading this article.

  4. I totally agree with you. No one can stop us to express ourselves through the use of the internet, specially if we use it for good, like sharing facts and information, for communication and a lot more.

  5. I respect your dedication to your art form , all you gotta do is keep rolling with the punches , because as all the great people said , you’re not doing anything extraordinary if you don’t have any haters. People will hate , you do you

  6. i believe in a transparent and unbiased internet. We as users have all the right to use the power of words to express our emotions.

  7. This is both funny and informative. Censoring the Internet is both a difficult and controversial topic, but it is getting more real every day. Good luck to your company!

  8. I like your vigor. Censorship kills creative outlets. As long as the content isn’t discriminatory, everyone’s voice should be heard.

    1. Thanks, I need to harvest in some more vigor! But, (devils advocate:) Who decides what is discriminatory? Aren’t there two sides to every story, and there is not always a clear “right or wrong” Just differing opinions, cultural beliefs and societal standards. It really all varries. I guess what I’m saying is I don’t like the idea of an indefinate gatekeeper.

  9. Internet usage has really evolved over the years. I like what you said, “we will continue to have our own websites until the internet dies.” Power!

  10. True, there are different censorship standards in different countries. And most of the time they are bent by the powerful. Amid the noise of the internet, voices are heard and points are taken into consideration.

  11. We cannot deny that the use of internet has varied since it was ever created. Now, while some use it for the good, its mostly use to propagate hate and vileness. Of course, if what we post does not violate anyone’s rights, then there is no reason to restrict it. But otherwise, when it is used to cultivate hate and spew evil against others, then by all means, let us tolerate it and instead, let’s even initiate it to get banned. Respect should be promoted over the internet.

  12. I totally understand this and I think we should also be a little cautious with the hate speech. Blocking and deleting isn’t all bad if it used for a good cause.

  13. PEOPLE have the right to speak and express their opinions when the term hate speech is used for some thing cross the limit or which in anyway is difficult to publish it could be understood but mostly these are censored when unpleasant truth are spoken

  14. Awesome that you are not bothered about this.people get blocked and banned for hate comments which I think it is limiting people though I don’t necessarily support hate comments.

  15. If it is for good reasons then why not? Nothing is absolute. That goes for speech. In particular, if it is offensive.

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