I Lost My Oma Today

Many of my best memories are with her…

With his Great Grandmother.

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I’m so thankful that my son got to meet “Oma”. I know she hated that I was taking this photo, but I feel grateful to have it. I loved her creativeness and quirky outlooks on life. When we asked why she was buying so many (socks, mittens, or other items) for the grand-kids for Christmas, her response was, “Who wouldn’t want oatmeal socks?” — “Who wouldn’t want fuzzy mittens?” — “Who wouldn’t want,” [insert_blank] etc.

When I was tiny, I would call her “Bitsy-Bamaw” (Grandma Betsy) and she let me.

I also remember her telling me when I was little that, “You should always keep a couple beers in the fridge, one to drink and one for pancakes.” (Pro Cooking Tip: A little beer in the batter makes pancakes very fluffy.)

I remember going to the flea-market with her one weekend and when the Cumbia/Tejano music came on, we started dancing in the parking lot the whole way in. She said, “When you hear it, you have to move like this.”

She was a talented painter and an amazing cook. She taught me how to draw and paint, how to be creative and thoughtful and how to appreciate nature (except for the squirrels that ate her birdseed), which was funny because when I told her my sister had rescued a baby-squirrel, my Oma said, “Why would she go and do a thing like that?”

She always slipped us a sugar cube or some brown sugar before dinner and told us not to tell our moms.

She once killed a rattlesnake with her high heel shoe. No joke! She was a tough but beautiful lady who always had some odd version of wise words to share.

Going out into the country to visit, ‘down the bumpy road’ has always been and will always be my favorite.