So, One Time, In Wisconsin…

We were driving around Wisconsin in search of Pool Halls. It was a two-lane road in the middle of nowhere, with maybe corn fields to the right and motels (that I’m sure we’ve seen in at least a dozen horror films) to our left.

It starts pouring so hard that we can’t see. The only time I could see was when a semi-truck would pass the other lane. It was terrible. I’m leaning forward, trying to see anything I can through the window when suddenly, I notice, him, leaning forward (with an odd smile on his face, like a wide-eyed kid waiting for his ice-cream or something).

A semi passes and I catch a glimpse of the city’s sign; “Sullivan”. I keep thinking, “Great. We are going to die. Here. In search of a good billiard table,” (sounds about right).

We manage to stay on the road long enough to pass the rain. He sits back, looks at me and says, “You did it, I even sat forward with you to make you nervous and you made it through.”

…no Words…..

We made it to our destination, and ended up playing a state pool champion from the 70s all evening.

Fast forward a bit and Ss records a gorgeous Bluesy Song…

“Sullivan” (Sekrett Scilensce) [Takeo Tama]

Never doubt from where inspiration may stem.

Anyhow; so, who thinks they can take me?

I’ll spot you whatever you want; need better odds? Okay, no early drop on the 9. Takers??

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