The Dangers Of Personal Feelings For Art In Public Distribution

An opinion, that Takeo Tama Music is “retro” or, has a ‘dated’ sound; I would not debate that our creations may remind a listener of sounds from another time, but, I must clarify, “We are not aiming to exist in a paradigm of gimmicks or throwback notions”.

When you don’t use modern equipment such as auto-tune or solid-state-logic recording-hardware, the end result is natural and full of pleasant imperfections.

(Classic James Brown recording)

We’re creating the art fueled by our passions and dreams.

Does Art know the concept of time, or the invocation of an expiration date?

(Regarded as a modern classic by some listeners)

Pop-Culture suggests that artistry has to change and keep up with trends to be, “commercially viable”.

I cannot disagree stronger.

(A prime example of the commercially viable sound, created with tons of auto-tune and solid-state-logic devices)

Michelangelo, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Ludwig van Beethoven, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra, The Scorpions, Kraftwerk, and Michael Jackson, all have something in common, and that is what we’re aiming for; to achieve greatness and to continue improving ourselves, heralding the chance to inspire others to aspire and be influenced beyond the status-quo.

The Dangers Of Personal Feelings For Art In Public Distribution

Click to Play “The Medicine Cabinet” by: Sekrett Scilensce [Takeo Tama]

(And that’s just the first half of the song)…


Katlina Kliewer (Brand Management Member) [Takeo Tama co.]

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