In Other News: “Getting To Know Me”

In this day in age, internet, social media and information on demand, most have come to accept that not everything we read is true.

As well, We can safely assume that not all media news reports are factual either. There is always a matter of perspective, bias or some form of “twist” being told to every story.

I want to know what’s going on in Your “neck of the woods”, really?

This is a large world, and an even larger universe with many countries, lands, people and differing cultures.

So What’s Yours?

Mine is simple. I’m a German/Texas raised girl, who’s family’s homeland does not even exist anymore. (At least, not recognized by NATO). It has been a long time since Prussia was an empire. Now I get introduced by The German, as the “Prusslander” only to receive a few chuckles from who he tells.

My family makes, “Zweiback”, every winter. It is really just an old Mennonite family recipe for a sweet dinner bread roll, that is made in two balls. (Picture it like a snowman, only missing his head.). Very tasty though.

Texas has a lot of land, yes. But no, people do not ride horses to school, and tie them to a cactus. Though some will still wear boots and cowboy hats. And, No… I don’t own one.

What are some of your family traditions? Anything special to you?

Family is important to me, but so is starting some of my own traditions. I’m still thinking about them, but I’ll let you guys know when I come up with it.

Here is a collaboration with Mr. Sekrett Scilensce, for your listening enjoyment. Click Here

Till next time,

– Kat


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All Aboard! The Night Train!!

“Night Train”, an instrumental Blues standard, originally composed by: Jimmy Forrest, made memorable by: James Brown, has been a source of inspiration for many artists throughout the years.

In true Jazz-Man spirit, Sekrett Scilensce creates his take on this Music-Lover’s favorite in, “The Night Train”.

The iconic riff, the discordance, and bizarre vocals make this Song, Sing!

And hey, it features: Yours Truly

Listen to: “The Night Train” (All Aboard)

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So, One Time, In Wisconsin…

We were driving around Wisconsin in search of Pool Halls. It was a two-lane road in the middle of nowhere, with maybe corn fields to the right and motels (that I’m sure we’ve seen in at least a dozen horror films) to our left.

It starts pouring so hard that we can’t see. The only time I could see was when a semi-truck would pass the other lane. It was terrible. I’m leaning forward, trying to see anything I can through the window when suddenly, I notice, him, leaning forward (with an odd smile on his face, like a wide-eyed kid waiting for his ice-cream or something).

A semi passes and I catch a glimpse of the city’s sign; “Sullivan”. I keep thinking, “Great. We are going to die. Here. In search of a good billiard table,” (sounds about right).

We manage to stay on the road long enough to pass the rain. He sits back, looks at me and says, “You did it, I even sat forward with you to make you nervous and you made it through.”

…no Words…..

We made it to our destination, and ended up playing a state pool champion from the 70s all evening.

Fast forward a bit and Ss records a gorgeous Bluesy Song…

“Sullivan” (Sekrett Scilensce) [Takeo Tama]

Never doubt from where inspiration may stem.

Anyhow; so, who thinks they can take me?

I’ll spot you whatever you want; need better odds? Okay, no early drop on the 9. Takers??

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