TakeoTama.com: “The Internet Purge, The Noise It’s Created, And What We Hear”

Business-UpdateAugust 15th, 2018 – After seeing time and time again, people getting censored, banned, deleted, and blocked for reasons varying from hate speech to differing opinions, “we” ‘as a company’, will not cry conspiracy — For a while, we are experimenting with utilizing a few other networks (as well) — The lines of expectation vs. reality have blurred, but honestly, “we” ‘don’t really care’. Politics and culture varies country to country, so why should that stop us? The extra noise and constraints can hinder creativity but, we WON’T disable your comments! (Even when you don’t like what we’re doing)…

That being said, WE PUSH ON!! We will continue to have our own websites until the internet dies.

When and if that happens then I will personally sell cd’s from the trunk of my car. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just bake everyone cupcakes and sit outside my house with a lemonade stand.

Mommy Shopping Spree?! (USA Only)
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Make sure and stop by then.

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