A Personal Note On A New Song

A personal-note: Though I have German/Mennonite heritage, I grew up in an area with a very heavy Chicano/Tejano influence (which is funny, because I believe historically the Germans and the Mexicans had a good relationship i.e. The Kaiser and Pancho Villa?) — The culture, the language, the brightly colored homes, the superstitions and traditions, the smells and the food — I have a good appreciation for it, and believe it or not, spent a good several years only listening to Spanish music. Lou Diamond Phillips in “La Bamba” was always one of my favorite films, and the newer animated film “Coco” made me tear up and smile with familiarity that people where I live now would just not understand.

There is a soft place in my heart and from time to time, you may hear it or see its influence in our art, so, you can imagine how excited I was when Sekrett Scilensce recorded this one! It’s half English, half Spanish, and a completely a beautiful nod to the Tejano culture.

I think it’s beautiful and hope you enjoy!!

(Below is a copy of an entry from: TakeoTama.com)

~ So, you want to come drink with us in a cantina? Well, what are you waiting for, let’s go! — Take a listen to: (And) “If You Understand” by: Sekrett Scilensce and get transported to a world where the sights and sounds of the current music-spheres would never dare take you. But hey, don’t just take our word for it, click the video-link below and find out for yourself!! ~

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[hvp-video url=”https://takeotama.com/videos/ss-if-you-understand-56k.mp4″ adtagurl=”https://syndication.exdynsrv.com/splash.php?idzone=2975796″ width=”300″ height=”300″ poster=”https://www.takeotama.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/takeotama.gif” controls=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” muted=”false” ytcontrol=”false”][/hvp-video]


* Please unmute the sound as some browsers automatically do this *

Song: (And) “If You Understand”
Label: Takeo Tama

Medical Angst

After a crazy week, at my “other” job. Let me just say…. Can I get a refill on my wine glass please?

Jobs in the medical field have enough stresses as it is, without having to deal with incompetent workers who don’t care enough to do their jobs correctly, safely, efficiently, and with compassion and empathy.

Come on people. I don’t care what job title you have or what you do for a living, if it is your job… be the best (garbage man, librarian, telemarketer, Doctor or musician you can be)

If you hate your job and your existence there, well,… it’s a big world, “Go on”. Just remember, some one else will be making your dinner on your special night out. Let’s hope they care about their job.

Here’s the preview for “The Technicians”

Home alone right now, I have some time to finish up some things that I had previously started. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


Reflections, Through New Eyes

Now that its been a little while, I can reflect.

Becoming a mother has been so beautiful. I feel so full of love and emotion I just almost don’t have the words to describe it. My sweet little one had plenty difficulties making it to Earth, and almost did not make it. My love and appreciation for the fact that he is here makes me not want to stop hugging him or put him down. Is everyone else this bad?

In between cuddles, kisses and naps, I have been fortunate enough to still be able to collaborate in studio on some really great songs. Someone quite dear to my heart inspired this tune:

On another note, my family is coming this week to visit the baby, which should be fun. Maybe i’ll take them to sight-see the area a little. It is very scenic here.

(Is anyone else planning to watch the solar eclipse? My brother called today and said he is mailing me some kind of glasses for watching it, and my mother seems excited about it.  I don’t know, we will see.)

Also, I am starting back to work at the hospital soon, which to me is bitter sweet. On one hand I miss caring for my patients, and on the other hand…  too many hours away from my cuddly little human.

(Unfortunately i’m in America, and we don’t get much parental leave like some other countries, but I digress.)

The funny thing is, you may wonder to what degree my multi-tasking has reached?

(here’s a hint)

I’m typing this blog with one hand, while the other hand is utilizing equipment that makes me quite similar to a dairy cow. I look ridiculous I know, but it’s life.

I hope you enjoyed the track. Please stayed tuned to Takeo Tama for much more.

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