April Recording Schedules Revised

Recording schedules for Katlina Kliewer from the end of March through April 2016 have been revised. New information shall become available in the coming week which will include newly completed releases and expanded availability for all previously released titles. Secondary production efforts for collaborative works are scheduled to succeed upon the ‘freshly’ adapted content to follow all non “North-American” specific developments which will then be merged accordingly per each designation cited per each catalogue update submitted. These notifications do not in any way, shape, or manner cause quandary to any regular Licensing activities.

– KatlinaKliewer.com


Test (Monkey Problem)

This is a test to determine if the Katlina Kliewer RSS feed is working properly. A wild monkey who was not fed a banana got mad and nearly destroyed all civilization via the cunning use of books, matches, and gas. This test, if successful, shows that the previously stated monkey has been contained and that all operations are now normal, functional, and monkey free…maybe…..