Katlina Kliewer 2017 (II)

While we’ve been making continued changes to the Music catalogue of Katlina Kliewer, we’ve had to enact some additional tools and metrics to fully understand where all contents are spreading and ending up; this does not have an effect on price or availability but it does slow down some of the rate at which we usually upload new material.

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Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are? Tell Me!

I spend many nights awake, hyper, “Revving” as some call it, turning in circles, laughing, nearly hysterically. Other times, I can’t bare to be awake or even bothered…

No matter the mood or reason, music is always a remedy.

It can snap me out of a funk and get me dancing instantly.

I have always felt songs, not just listening to them, but truly feeling their composition. The way sound moves you, the way it encircles you, the way it comforts you, the way it validates your anger, your
sadness, your existence.

It is spiritual, it is background, it is the soundtrack and theme, the anthem to a region, to a generation…..

Over the last several years spent traveling, I have explored and observed many regions, cultures, types of people, seeing many sights, hearing many accents, tasting foods (probably far to many).

Each area has different attitudes and levels of acceptance, curiosities. It fascinates me, sometimes it infuriates me but mostly, it adds to my learned experiences with different lifestyles, outlooks, existences.

While striving to move further forward, my inner child still asks; “Who’s out there?”

Seriously and literally, “Who is out there?”

Who is reading this now?

Who is listening to my songs??

I really want to know.

What countries, which cultures am I reaching?

Please scroll down to the comments section and let me know. I need, want, desire to hear from any and all of you!
“Ready, Just Fine”

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April Recording Schedules Revised

Recording schedules for Katlina Kliewer from the end of March through April 2016 have been revised. New information shall become available in the coming week which will include newly completed releases and expanded availability for all previously released titles. Secondary production efforts for collaborative works are scheduled to succeed upon the ‘freshly’ adapted content to follow all non “North-American” specific developments which will then be merged accordingly per each designation cited per each catalogue update submitted. These notifications do not in any way, shape, or manner cause quandary to any regular Licensing activities.

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Soaring Onward, Can’t Stop Now

Keeping It Real, Keeping The Deal

MIAMI, Florida (KatlinaKliewer.com) February 22, 2016 — Katlina Kliewer will release and re-release a series of Music sound recordings over the coming days that shall span the genres of Classical, Rock, Pop, Electro, and video-game soundtrack styling.

All previous Katlina Kliewer brand material will be restructured for North-American syndication and shall include information for U.S.A. specific designations readily.

Listeners are encouraged to visit their favorite hubs and access Katlina Kliewer titles as they become available.

About Katlina Kliewer:

KatlinaKliewer.com is a Singer and entertainment-enterpriser who collaborates on multiple styles of Music. Her passion is the genre known as Electro. Her industry focus is in Electronic Rock and Orchestra Songs featuring obscure Synthesis. For Listeners, the projects she works on can transcend commonly accepted formats. For Supervisors of sound-departments, gripping levels of sound stimulation can be invented.