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It doesn’t seem like many people know that “Hell In The Pacific” (OST) is one of the many licenses that Takeo Tama has under its belt. Another thing that a lot of people don’t know is that they may have in fact, only experienced a portion of this soundtrack-album as it had three major-releases (and one final-revision). So, now that I have your attention; some of you might have said to yourselves just then, “What on Earth is Hell In The Pacific?”

Hell In The Pacific (OST)
Description from the original box-art:

Pearl Harbor, Japan’s D-Day on America, one of the most Influential and eye-opening events of the 20th Century; Those that wanted War with Hitler’s regime but couldn’t join-up in time, finally get their chance to fight. Though titled as some grand form of theatrical art, no one really wanted front row seats in the Pacific-Theatre. Atrocities, Imprisonment, Torture and the like, soured this battle from the start. The main struggle for soldiers in this conflict would be sustaining their sanity, over all that ensued. In reflection of those troubling hours and historical plights, see the world as a soldier, crusading over the front lines; battling onward to make it through. Experience the sights through the Ambient, Classical, and Experimental sounds of The Modding Theater’s: “Hell in the Pacific” (Original Soundtrack)

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