China Called (And I May Have Blown It!)

Enough of the depressing talk for nowI have a funny story to tell. — While on the recent road-trip that I took to visit family, I received a call which I hastily answered as I was pulling up to a hotel right near a busy highway. I was getting out of the car and trying to get a crying baby out of his car-seat and grab some bags at the same time to run into the hotel to sleep for the night.

I told the person on the line, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m coming in now!”

I did not notice the call was from Takeo Tama’s business-line and thought It was someone else.

The person who answered may have been from China? I do not speak Chinese, and wish I spoke Asian languages. All I heard is, Takeo Tama, maybe Beijing, and licensing.

I was so embarrassed, and apologized profusely, still not understanding what he was saying but once I heard licensing, I told him we would have to call back.

Business-Maven strike one!

I need a translator!!

I hope who ever called, can read this and know why I answered so abruptly.

China Is Calling?