Stress Dreams

I had a dream…

(This is not a hypothetical pep talk or political in nature by any means) *

I had an actual dream, the other night, a very stressful dream; I might add, “I don’t always remember my dreams”, but a few, I can see clearly in my minds eye, down to every detail, every person present…..

I was working a dialysis job, only, instead of a clinic with dialysis chairs, it was more like a church with pews, and many of my past patients I recognized were there, only, they were not all patients from one clinic. There were a few there from many of the locations I have previously worked at over the past eleven or so years, and the co-workers were mixed from past clinics also. It was odd. But the most stressful part about it is no one was helping me.

I had thirty (plus) people to start treatment, trying to keep to their scheduled times so that they all were not on late, I was going down the line of people sitting in these pews, placing needles and starting treatments to an invisible machine, and not having a computer or time to chart them, I scribbled notes down in random places as to their start time and vitals. It was crazy. All the while, I was having to call out to invisible co-workers that I really needed their help and no one would budge. I have not had a stressful work dream in a long time and this one took the cake.

As I woke up, I could feel my stress and anxiety build up. I laughed out loud and thought to check my own blood pressure.

Not surprisingly, it was high.

Who knows if it was the dream that caused the high blood pressure or the blood pressure that caused the dream? That is a good question. Chicken vs. egg type question, no??

Any “Doctors” or “Med” students reading this have an idea?!

Either way, no matter how many people I care for, I must always remember to care for myself. My health and my sanity has to come first so that I can be well enough to take care of those around me…..