Soaring Onward, Can’t Stop Now

Keeping It Real, Keeping The Deal

MIAMI, Florida ( February 22, 2016 — Katlina Kliewer will release and re-release a series of Music sound recordings over the coming days that shall span the genres of Classical, Rock, Pop, Electro, and video-game soundtrack styling.

All previous Katlina Kliewer brand material will be restructured for North-American syndication and shall include information for U.S.A. specific designations readily.

Listeners are encouraged to visit their favorite hubs and access Katlina Kliewer titles as they become available.

About Katlina Kliewer: is a Singer and entertainment-enterpriser who collaborates on multiple styles of Music. Her passion is the genre known as Electro. Her industry focus is in Electronic Rock and Orchestra Songs featuring obscure Synthesis. For Listeners, the projects she works on can transcend commonly accepted formats. For Supervisors of sound-departments, gripping levels of sound stimulation can be invented.




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