So, One Time, In Wisconsin…

We were driving around Wisconsin in search of Pool Halls. It was a two-lane road in the middle of nowhere, with maybe corn fields to the right and motels (that I’m sure we’ve seen in at least a dozen horror films) to our left.

It starts pouring so hard that we can’t see. The only time I could see was when a semi-truck would pass the other lane. It was terrible. I’m leaning forward, trying to see anything I can through the window when suddenly, I notice, him, leaning forward (with an odd smile on his face, like a wide-eyed kid waiting for his ice-cream or something).

A semi passes and I catch a glimpse of the city’s sign; “Sullivan”. I keep thinking, “Great. We are going to die. Here. In search of a good billiard table,” (sounds about right).

We manage to stay on the road long enough to pass the rain. He sits back, looks at me and says, “You did it, I even sat forward with you to make you nervous and you made it through.”

…no Words…..

We made it to our destination, and ended up playing a state pool champion from the 70s all evening.

Fast forward a bit and Ss records a gorgeous Bluesy Song…

“Sullivan” (Sekrett Scilensce) [Takeo Tama]

Never doubt from where inspiration may stem.

Anyhow; so, who thinks they can take me?

I’ll spot you whatever you want; need better odds? Okay, no early drop on the 9. Takers??

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20 thoughts on “So, One Time, In Wisconsin…”

  1. loved reading this; I have the travel bug at the moment and the only thing stopping me is where to go!

    I’ve actually been to Wisconsin when I was little with my family. It was absolutely freezing and starting to snow and we went trick or treating because it was Halloween. A different experience to your sunny one!

  2. Always wanted to visit Madison — especially since reading “American Wife” by Curtis Sittenfeld! A Badgers football game would definitely be in order — as well as some of those great wurst!

  3. Spent most of my childhood summers in Wisconsin and many happy memories of roasted corn and picking raspberries. I was in Madison on business the last week in August and skipped the brats in favor of what was billed as “wisconsin’s best burger” complete with Neuske’s bacon and some awesome cheddar.

  4. Oh I remember just what you describe here when I lived in the Midwest. If you could barrel through the humidity, summers in Wisconsin were heavenly. Madison is a wonderful university town. The State Fair (as well as county fairs) is also a great place to savor local foods.

      1. Such a funny coincidence… I spent a full year in Madison as my husband was invited as visiting professor at the Mathematical Research Center.. I delivered a baby girl
        at the University Hospital. We spent there the most wonderful time in our lives with our daughter. We also attends all the events of La Maison Francaise. Madison and it’s people remain so special in my memories. Thank you for sharing

  5. It’s like the scene in the movie “Jeepers Creepers”. I can’t imagine myself driving in that kind of place. I don’t want to experience that. I’ll just stay here in the city.

  6. This sounds like the part of the country where the movie Jeepers Creepers was made. Are you sure you didn’t happen to see any large flying birdmen on your travels that night? I hear the infamous people eating birdman was recently spotted near Sullivan Wisconsin on his way north towards Canada. Rumor has it the the infamous birdman is considering taking up billiards as a hobby but is having a problem not taking parts of his tutors to make up his own birdman body. This leaves the tutors in a bad position as he often takes parts that are crucial to the playing and teaching of billiards. If I were you, I would be using extreme caution when stopping at pool halls located anywhere near cornfields.

  7. Sullivan sounds like the name of a creepy town. Oh and right smack in the middle of a cornfield? I’d make a u-turn right away baby! It’s a no go for me. I’d prolly still get an inspiration from my “mad dash for life out of Sullivan.”

  8. The name “Sullivan” has a good ring to it. I absolutely agree that inspiration can stem anywhere, even from the most unlikely of places and circumstances. Everything absolutely happens for a reason!

  9. My boyfriend does a loftof things to test me when I’m driving. It does suck to drive when it’s pouring hard, glad to hear you made it in one piece, and something great came out of the experience.

  10. “Never doubt from where inspiration may stem.” This couldn’t have been said better. Sometimes inspiration can arise out of the most unpredictable moments!

  11. I hate to drive when is raining, not only because you can´t see anything, also because you have no idea how your car is gonna response, you know, because of the breaks and the electrical system; I´m so paranoic.

  12. Jajaja well at least everything turned out ok, but trust me I´ve been in the same situation and it feels horrible, you think that´s your last ride.

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