The Dangers Of Personal Feelings For Art In Public Distribution

An opinion, that Takeo Tama Music is “retro” or, has a ‘dated’ sound; I would not debate that our creations may remind a listener of sounds from another time, but, I must clarify, “We are not aiming to exist in a paradigm of gimmicks or throwback notions”.

When you don’t use modern equipment such as auto-tune or solid-state-logic recording-hardware, the end result is natural and full of pleasant imperfections.

(Classic James Brown recording)

We’re creating the art fueled by our passions and dreams.

Does Art know the concept of time, or the invocation of an expiration date?

(Regarded as a modern classic by some listeners)

Pop-Culture suggests that artistry has to change and keep up with trends to be, “commercially viable”.

I cannot disagree stronger.

(A prime example of the commercially viable sound, created with tons of auto-tune and solid-state-logic devices)

Michelangelo, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Ludwig van Beethoven, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra, The Scorpions, Kraftwerk, and Michael Jackson, all have something in common, and that is what we’re aiming for; to achieve greatness and to continue improving ourselves, heralding the chance to inspire others to aspire and be influenced beyond the status-quo.

The Dangers Of Personal Feelings For Art In Public Distribution

Click to Play “The Medicine Cabinet” by: Sekrett Scilensce [Takeo Tama]

(And that’s just the first half of the song)…


Katlina Kliewer (Brand Management Member) [Takeo Tama co.]

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I have something to tell you…

Some of you had commented on one of my previous blogs, that you were glad to see me ‘back’, I have to admit, there is a good reason for why I had slowed down. But No, I’m not stopping.

I basically slept through most of December, January and February.  Yes, I’m fine, and no nothing was wrong.  It’s funny though, I wish I was not joking (about the sleeping part) I’m feeling much more awake now, and as you see..  back to business as usual.

So I guess what I’m ready to tell you guys outright is… that I’m expecting a baby!

I should be able to introduce my new bundle of joy to the Takeo Tama Team and to the world this summer. Hopefully to become a great aspiring artist, musician, inventor, and rocket-scientist. (or some combination of these). I couldn’t be happier.

Life has changed a lot for me in the past 5 years especially, my perspectives have changed, and I know they will continue to change. They have all been good changes, wanted changes, and I am looking forward to continuing our adventures with my new little one.

My healthcare job will of course have to stop for a little while, But the change of pace will be fine, if not only a little financially scary.

I know everything will “come out in the wash” so to speak. SO for now, I’m trying to stay as healthy as I can, and prepare.

New music, new art, new ideas, and a new found understanding of complete and total love will surely follow.

Thank You Friends, for your support.



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Consolidations and Anticipations

In case you noticed, the websites have been consolidated. As Sekrett Scilensce so eloquently put.. “My site is a penis after showering”, (Though I do not wish to compare my website to this ridiculous mental image).

These consolidations come as we are spending more time and focus on uploading our music, recording songs and putting new ideas into motion.

On a personal note, I am anticipating winter’s end so that I can spend more time sightseeing some of natures beauties without being cold and worrying about the car slipping off the road and into a ditch.

My time in the Midwest has been life changing and exciting but I am looking forward to seeing where our travels will take us next.

More to come soon!


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In Other News: “Getting To Know Me”

In this day in age, internet, social media and information on demand, most have come to accept that not everything we read is true.

As well, We can safely assume that not all media news reports are factual either. There is always a matter of perspective, bias or some form of “twist” being told to every story.

I want to know what’s going on in Your “neck of the woods”, really?

This is a large world, and an even larger universe with many countries, lands, people and differing cultures.

So What’s Yours?

Mine is simple. I’m a German/Texas raised girl, who’s family’s homeland does not even exist anymore. (At least, not recognized by NATO). It has been a long time since Prussia was an empire. Now I get introduced by The German, as the “Prusslander” only to receive a few chuckles from who he tells.

My family makes, “Zweiback”, every winter. It is really just an old Mennonite family recipe for a sweet dinner bread roll, that is made in two balls. (Picture it like a snowman, only missing his head.). Very tasty though.

Texas has a lot of land, yes. But no, people do not ride horses to school, and tie them to a cactus. Though some will still wear boots and cowboy hats. And, No… I don’t own one.

What are some of your family traditions? Anything special to you?

Family is important to me, but so is starting some of my own traditions. I’m still thinking about them, but I’ll let you guys know when I come up with it.

Here is a collaboration with Mr. Sekrett Scilensce, for your listening enjoyment. Click Here

Till next time,

– Kat




Katlina Kliewer is a Singer and entertainment-enterpriser who collaborates on multiple styles of Music. Her passion is in the genre known as Electro. Her industry focus is in Electronic Rock and Orchestra Songs featuring obscure Synthesis. For Listeners, the projects she works on can transcend commonly accepted formats. For Supervisors of sound-departments, gripping levels of sound stimulation can be invented.


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The Bloody Crocodile, Cake, and Jazzyness

First of all, How have I never seen “Finding Neverland” until now? It’s poetic, it’s hopeful, it’s tragic, and I just almost bawled my eyes out for 10,000 reasons at once.

“I suppose it’s like the ticking crocodile, isn’t it? Time is chasing after all of us, isn’t that right?”

I’m often accused of being off in my own world. I suppose it’s like that for artists of many sorts. It’s not as much about being displeased with the current reality, as it is about just getting lost in your self, and finding where it takes you.

Don’t get me wrong, I have several goals set, and I feel i’m practical and efficient most the time, but then there is the almost hyper, whimsical, silly, and easily distracted side that can imagine a whole course of events from one decision, only to come to the conclusion that the other choice may have a more exciting outcome. Decisions, Decisions, So many decisions…

I picture an image of the starving artist these days, just wanting to get their music heard. Then there’s me, the not-so-starving artist.  Partly because I baked a cake, (Ooey-Gooey Goodness) and partly because I ate my cake.  Just curious, did any one catch my joke just now? I enjoy puns and jokes a little too much.

I still want you to hear my music though. After all, time chases after each of us, eh? Some times you have to turn, stop and chase after some of it yourself. It may have taken a while, but that’s what I did.

So now I present to you my latest…

“Special, (I’m In No Mood)”

One word.. “jazzyness”. I like it.




Katlina Kliewer is a Singer and entertainment-enterpriser who collaborates on multiple styles of Music. Her passion is in the genre known as Electro. Her industry focus is in Electronic Rock and Orchestra Songs featuring obscure Synthesis. For Listeners, the projects she works on can transcend commonly accepted formats. For Supervisors of sound-departments, gripping levels of sound stimulation can be invented.


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All Aboard! The Night Train!!

“Night Train”, an instrumental Blues standard, originally composed by: Jimmy Forrest, made memorable by: James Brown, has been a source of inspiration for many artists throughout the years.

In true Jazz-Man spirit, Sekrett Scilensce creates his take on this Music-Lover’s favorite in, “The Night Train”.

The iconic riff, the discordance, and bizarre vocals make this Song, Sing!

And hey, it features: Yours Truly

Listen to: “The Night Train” (All Aboard)

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So, One Time, In Wisconsin…

We were driving around Wisconsin in search of Pool Halls. It was a two-lane road in the middle of nowhere, with maybe corn fields to the right and motels (that I’m sure we’ve seen in at least a dozen horror films) to our left.

It starts pouring so hard that we can’t see. The only time I could see was when a semi-truck would pass the other lane. It was terrible. I’m leaning forward, trying to see anything I can through the window when suddenly, I notice, him, leaning forward (with an odd smile on his face, like a wide-eyed kid waiting for his ice-cream or something).

A semi passes and I catch a glimpse of the city’s sign; “Sullivan”. I keep thinking, “Great. We are going to die. Here. In search of a good billiard table,” (sounds about right).

We manage to stay on the road long enough to pass the rain. He sits back, looks at me and says, “You did it, I even sat forward with you to make you nervous and you made it through.”

…no Words…..

We made it to our destination, and ended up playing a state pool champion from the 70s all evening.

Fast forward a bit and Ss records a gorgeous Bluesy Song…

“Sullivan” (Sekrett Scilensce) [Takeo Tama]

Never doubt from where inspiration may stem.

Anyhow; so, who thinks they can take me?

I’ll spot you whatever you want; need better odds? Okay, no early drop on the 9. Takers??

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True Movie Magic And The Masses Who Miss And Missed It

In between working on things, I spend some of my time watching movies. I love older films mostly. More story, less CGI/explosions, and realistic dialog.

Kids cussed, families weren’t perfect, and the realness of it was just good. It’s a relief to view them, not all the actors and actresses had perfect teeth or bodies, it’s just life, and good story-lines portrayed.

In one, the cop just wants to retire so his nutty wife can relax, but he ends up hunting down a deranged ex-husband who has snapped.

(Can you guess which movie this is?)
Tell me below…

In another, all the students trying to become doctors test what lies beyond death by killing and then bringing one another back.

(Can YOU GUESS which movie this is?)
Tell me below…

In another, a young boy wants so desperately to be older that he wishes it, only to find that he teaches others how to be younger at heart.

(CAN YOU GUESS which movie this is?)
Tell me below…

Every film has been enjoyable for different reasons and, they are extremely creative. They have meaningful plot twists and even though some are more far fetched than others, they’re somehow relevant beyond reality.

I don’t watch daily television programming at all, although, I have to admit, I will occasionally get sucked into a season of some series and marathon it for a day or two.

My original sin?

Damn you NETFLIX!

And now, an important message from, TAKEO TAMA:

Scroll down below and tell me if you know which movies I watched, or, you can tell me about the time you got sucked into your TV and found yourself riding horseback in an old western, but, don’t tell me about the time you met Jesus and bet him five dollars that he didn’t really know The Devil (we all have an idea how that likely turned out)…

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The Weather And, The Wine (Be Warned, Things Could Get Naked)

Here I am, engrossed in my own world, listening to music, working on a painting, the windows are all open, the wind kicks up, I’m enjoying the breeze with a glass of wine…

Wind, which is now throwing the blinds all over the place, add some lightning–It is beautiful, it is bright, it is “extremely” loud and ‘incredibly’ close…

Wine has a funny way of changing your perspective. It gives you grand ideas, such as, “Yay, let’s go outside and watch it.”

I love watching lightning.

The next day, it turns out the town closest to mine had a tornado (in which no one was harmed thankfully).

My oblivion nature makes me laugh…

There is much I don’t know about this entertainment industry. Further still, much I don’t know about myself. I’m still learning and growing and stretching to see how far I can reach. I haven’t always been a Professional Singer. This is new (although, I used to be a magician’s assistant, for a short while).

And as they say, “Don’t quit your day job?”–Well, my day job is in the medical-field but be warned, this music, this art, and my company are not my ‘hobby’. It is not my “pet project’. I just might drop kick the next person that infers that this is all it is.

You can not be a king in your own village, eh?

Blow me (and yeah, I’m a girl but, do it anyway).

With the completion of each new song, I feel the excitement of possibilities. I get excited because this is all stuff that If I heard it elsewhere, I would enjoy listening to it, and they would become my new favorites. I find myself humming them during work, around my patients, and apparently, there is some humming that I do even in my sleep.

Anyhow, about that magician’s assistant thing; this was many years ago. Don’t laugh too hard, but prepare to be amazed!!

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Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are? Tell Me!

I spend many nights awake, hyper, “Revving” as some call it, turning in circles, laughing, nearly hysterically. Other times, I can’t bare to be awake or even bothered…

No matter the mood or reason, music is always a remedy.

It can snap me out of a funk and get me dancing instantly.

I have always felt songs, not just listening to them, but truly feeling their composition. The way sound moves you, the way it encircles you, the way it comforts you, the way it validates your anger, your
sadness, your existence.

It is spiritual, it is background, it is the soundtrack and theme, the anthem to a region, to a generation…..

Over the last several years spent traveling, I have explored and observed many regions, cultures, types of people, seeing many sights, hearing many accents, tasting foods (probably far to many).

Each area has different attitudes and levels of acceptance, curiosities. It fascinates me, sometimes it infuriates me but mostly, it adds to my learned experiences with different lifestyles, outlooks, existences.

While striving to move further forward, my inner child still asks; “Who’s out there?”

Seriously and literally, “Who is out there?”

Who is reading this now?

Who is listening to my songs??

I really want to know.

What countries, which cultures am I reaching?

Please scroll down to the comments section and let me know. I need, want, desire to hear from any and all of you!
“Ready, Just Fine”

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