My Family Borscht Recipe (If You’re Interested)

Disclosure: Look, it’s not always sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, sometimes, it’s borscht with cabbage, and playing in the snow. I’m Katlina Kliewer, I’m in a multiverse, with good music, good drinks, baby laughter, birthday cake, business meetings, photo-shoots, patient care, and by god some good damn food. So that being said; enjoy the following if you dare…

My German/Mennonite Great Grandmother’s Borscht:

“Cook 1/2 a chicken (more if desired) with bay leaf, celery pieces, chopped onion, 5-6 whole allspice, parsley, salt and pepper until almost done or meat can be separated from the bones. Remove meat from broth, cool and dice in bite size pieces.”

To the broth add:

• Diced chicken

• 1 small onion

• several bay leaves

• parsley

Cook a little longer, then add:

• 1/2 head of cabbage

• 2 potatoes, cubed

• a tomato or tomato juice (V8)

• 1/2-3/4 cup carrot slices

• dash of chili powder

Just before serving, add 1/2 cup cream

This is a much different type of Borscht than the one my Russkie friend makes. Her recipe is made with beets (and was pretty damn good surprisingly).

What do you think?



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This And That Time Of Year

It’s that time of year again! The air is chilled, the leaves have turned a beautiful array of colors, trick-or-treat’rs are at the door and, I’ve caught a cold!! Time to make some soup, get better, and get back in the studio. No one wants to hear a song sung with a stuffy nose (unless of course, it’s by Rod Stewart). It’s okay though, because, I have some artwork to finish up (which is a part of a long list of things that I’m severely backed up on).

This time of year, I like cooking more; trying new recipes and old favorites, and, I like going for scenic drives. There is always someplace to discover.

Around this time last year, I’d discovered a gorgeous monastery, in the middle of nowhere (while on my way to a billiard-hall no less).

What do y’all do that’s special in the fall?


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Paradigms Shifting (Temporarily?) Into Darkness

There are new developments on the horizon, and as in nature, you can expect a calm before the storm. Our quietness online is temporary and, will be (very!) short lived so, be Prepared, stay alert, and consider going on vacation or taking a long walk (and), most importantly, share pics with me; I’d like to see something beautiful!! From your eyes…

Think about it?!

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Something Is Coming. Everything Changes. Revive.

I take my hand and strike it down upon a newfound mound of soil. It is purer than all those of yore. I deliver yesteryear in a frantic yearn for evolution and behold, I blaze into the future, unscathed by the trials of my times. I redeem my wit, I rekindle my soul, and I regrow my serenity.

Something is coming.

Everything changes.


Be an Early Bird!

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Medical Angst

After a crazy week, at my “other” job. Let me just say…. Can I get a refill on my wine glass please?

Jobs in the medical field have enough stresses as it is, without having to deal with incompetent workers who don’t care enough to do their jobs correctly, safely, efficiently, and with compassion and empathy.

Come on people. I don’t care what job title you have or what you do for a living, if it is your job… be the best (garbage man, librarian, telemarketer, Doctor or musician you can be)

If you hate your job and your existence there, well,… it’s a big world, “Go on”. Just remember, some one else will be making your dinner on your special night out. Let’s hope they care about their job.

Here’s the preview for “The Technicians”

Home alone right now, I have some time to finish up some things that I had previously started. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


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Reflections, Through New Eyes

Now that its been a little while, I can reflect.

Becoming a mother has been so beautiful. I feel so full of love and emotion I just almost don’t have the words to describe it. My sweet little one had plenty difficulties making it to Earth, and almost did not make it. My love and appreciation for the fact that he is here makes me not want to stop hugging him or put him down. Is everyone else this bad?

In between cuddles, kisses and naps, I have been fortunate enough to still be able to collaborate in studio on some really great songs. Someone quite dear to my heart inspired this tune:

On another note, my family is coming this week to visit the baby, which should be fun. Maybe i’ll take them to sight-see the area a little. It is very scenic here.

(Is anyone else planning to watch the solar eclipse? My brother called today and said he is mailing me some kind of glasses for watching it, and my mother seems excited about it.  I don’t know, we will see.)

Also, I am starting back to work at the hospital soon, which to me is bitter sweet. On one hand I miss caring for my patients, and on the other hand…  too many hours away from my cuddly little human.

(Unfortunately i’m in America, and we don’t get much parental leave like some other countries, but I digress.)

The funny thing is, you may wonder to what degree my multi-tasking has reached?

(here’s a hint)

I’m typing this blog with one hand, while the other hand is utilizing equipment that makes me quite similar to a dairy cow. I look ridiculous I know, but it’s life.

I hope you enjoyed the track. Please stayed tuned to Takeo Tama for much more.

If you love the preview of the song I just shared, it is available for download and streaming in the typical locations, but is as well available as a CD / digital bundle. Easy, efficient, and ships directly to you for a lot less than any other CD product you can find out there.

Purchase Here

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From Adversity Comes Diversity

As you may be aware, Takeo Tama Co and it’s affiliated artists (ie: SS and I) have been working hard in the background to continuously distribute and redistribute title after title and more are on it’s way.

From adversity comes diversity, but that’s a story for another day. As usual there is a wide range of music represented here.  Continue to check out what’s available for streaming and digital downloads.



As well as a few titles are available in physical disk form.


With every purchase YOU help change the world of music.

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In one week…

A lot can be learned about one’s self in one weeks time.

Last Friday I learned how deeply I could love someone I’d just only met. I still have much to learn about motherhood, about life, about love, and about raising boys especially.

Life gives us many lessons, some are joyful and beautiful, while others are harsh, ugly and difficult. The most important thing is what we do with it and what we learn, not what we say.

Art that is based on life is not always pretty, but you can be assured it has meaning and importance.

Babies, on the other hand… are always beautiful.


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America the Beautiful

In my ventures throughout Rock & Roll, I now test myself as a producer. Not an easy task at all (especially when working with amazingly talented people). I’m fortunate that I wasn’t limited by the skill of others. I feel like it went well and I hope it reaches you…

“America The Beautiful” (I Don’t Recognize You)
Performed by: Rebel Helix

• YouTube
• Vid.Me

Produced by: Katlina Kliewer
Written by: Sekrett Scilensce
Published & Distributed by: Takeo Tama co.

The Story

We’re in an age where laws are created to suit the needs of the highest bidders and Wars are started just to keep weapons revenue and other financial interests rolling. We’re in an age where information and misinformation runs more rampant than the diseases they want to vaccinate us from, where it is no longer “acceptable” to discipline your child, but you can march through streets in protest, dressed as a woman’s genitals; where utmost importance in schools is placed on sports and tests rather than ‘actual’ education, and where basic healthcare is too expensive, and life saving procedures mean a lifetime of debt for yourself and your family members.

Welcome to the American Dream?


My great-great grandparents came on a boat to America to escape everything that is essentially now commonplace.

And of course, it’s not just in America.

As one person on Takeo Tama’s previous blog commented, “You want talk paradigm changes, ey? Come 2 SERBIA!”

I believe You!


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