Never Liked Authority…

I’ve apparently always had issues with authority. Starting from early on, refusing to “clean my room”, going through school, and into adulthood now. It’s funny, I seem to be fine with something until someone tells me I “have to” do something. I work hard, at work, I guess I just like things to be my idea. Or if I am told to do something, I want to know why and that the reason is not dumb, or because an “I say so” kind of reasoning. “Policy says” and blah blah blah.

I don’t know. Probably not a good quality, but I question everything!

I remember being tiny at my great grandmother’s church and getting into an argument with the pastor about god and dinosaurs. He told me my ideas were wrong, and I remember being pissed, knowing that I did not like or believe what he said.

This pattern follows me throughout:

Tell me we need to vaccinate against every disease; but show me proof that it works, and is safe, and no I won’t sign your refusal paper.

Don’t tell me your psychic; show me.

Tell me your tits are bigger than mine; prove it!

But I digress…

I guess what I’m really saying is, I just want to be left alone to do my own thing. I really don’t like a lot of external interference. I just want to pick my hours and what days I want off of work, choose how to raise my family, my own way, and not be told I have to because, “just because”.

It shouldn’t be too much to ask.

12 thoughts on “Never Liked Authority…”

  1. I think almost all humans are like you, we don’t want anyone lording over us, show us why we should obey the authority and we might consider not bossing us.I think you weren’t wrong with that.

  2. I believe that there is nothing wrong having an authority above me except, if it’s too much or too straining. If it’s too much, I will definitely blow up.

  3. I really like your post, it looked like I totally had written it! I guess it’s just I feel I want to do things because I want, not because someone told me to – I think I just feel more authentic that way, like you said, doing my own thing.

  4. I like to do the things my own way as well, but then I’ve found out there are other people that can give results as good as expected but in a different way, so I’ve tried to be more open and hear others, but I admit inside me I still feel uncomfortable. That must be my ego.

  5. I agree with you. We should not obey authority just because they want us to do so. They should show us that it is in our best interests and that of the good of the community to follow their policies. In general though, I am wont to obey the authorities because there are no better alternatives.

  6. I can also relate you when I was young, but I realized that I should stick to the rules for the better. Like I have authoritative parents so I live with it for my own good.

  7. I can totally relate with this post,I think we humans don’t like authority, we want to be who and what we want to be without interference, unfortunately we have family that will always look out for us and our actions.

  8. I identify so much with this post, I think (I know this might sound offensive to some people) that people who tends to question, who ask about explanations etc are smarter than the average. I believe curiosity it’s the greatest feature of humankind and without it we are nothing but lambs falling a path blindly. I do tend to follow rules and protocols, but only the parts I deem that are necessary, I can’t identify myself with a policy full of meaningless/useless rules, especially those that are preserved just because tradition and doesn’t not come from logic. I don’t think this feature of yours is a flaw, if you have a reasonable explanation of why a rule is useless because if you are doing it from stubbornness, then you aren’t different from the people who uses the argument “because I say so”.

  9. well i can say theres certain things that trigger me too like your last comment. dont tell me h ow to raise my family because that would quirk me alot. i was also in the military tho. having someone in my face made alot of more comments easier to ignore.

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