Medical Angst

After a crazy week, at my “other” job. Let me just say…. Can I get a refill on my wine glass please?

Jobs in the medical field have enough stresses as it is, without having to deal with incompetent workers who don’t care enough to do their jobs correctly, safely, efficiently, and with compassion and empathy.

Come on people. I don’t care what job title you have or what you do for a living, if it is your job… be the best (garbage man, librarian, telemarketer, Doctor or musician you can be)

If you hate your job and your existence there, well,… it’s a big world, “Go on”. Just remember, some one else will be making your dinner on your special night out. Let’s hope they care about their job.

Here’s the preview for “The Technicians”

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Home alone right now, I have some time to finish up some things that I had previously started. I hope everyone has a good weekend!



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34 thoughts on “Medical Angst”

  1. Hi Kat, interesting writeup and I feel ya definitely. People need to take pride in their jobs regardless of what it is, an if they hate it then move on or still realize that it’s just that “a job” that they are hired to do to the best of their ability.

    And your song, which genre would you categorize it as? Sounds kinda like a retro rock/pop feel to me.. What does the song mean? sorry but I don’t really understand the meaning of it. Being that it’s not “mainstream” and everyone won’t “get it” at first, perhaps it would be best for you to publish the lyrics along with it and/or even write a little blurb on how you came up with your song(s). When you’re doing something different than what people are used to then you have to present it different. Anyways, have a great day and a tall glass of wine!

    1. I’ve always had a hard time classifying our music into many “genres”. What ever it sounds like to you is good to me.

      As a rule, I generally do not post lyrics, or specific meanings about songs as they can mean completely different things to different people. Though, In certain cases… the introductory blog says exactly that.

  2. “Just remember, some one else will be making your dinner on your special night out. Let’s hope they care about their job.” I like the way you put that. Really something to think about! You don’t want to some disgruntled joker making your food that’s for sure lol.

  3. “Let’s hope they care about their job” What I think that, if you care your job, that means, you respect your title.

  4. I can relateee so much. People who are careless and irresponsible really get on my nerves and I really hate working with them. Working is tough and all of us feel pain and exhaustion so, if you will just continue to complain then better quit.

  5. I agree with you Katlina. Soon I’ll be in the medical field and stress and responsibilities that comes with it is no joke.

  6. I think liking your job would make your life a lot easier because in my opinion, why did you take that job in the first place? Was it forced? Was it because of the money or did you like it before? You should find the cause as to why you started hating it. It’s the same thing as stress! Find the problem and kill it…

    1. I don’t hate my job. I love it. What I dislike is when I do have to work with others who don’t like their job. Good advice though.

  7. I was reading updates to your site and so basically you control everything at the Takeo Tama co. ???

    That’s really cool as it seems like tons of stuff!


    Not a lot is separate though but I guess that is the idea?

    You guys have a lot like game and movie companies so where or when do you find the time?

    Ok, bye now!

    1. I don’t know about controlling “everything” but there is always tons to do.

      The separation here is generally reserved only for the individual artists. We might condense at some point but for now I like the way it is set up now.

      And as for the time comment… there is never enough of that to go around.

    1. Amen!

      Many in my family hate their lives altogether but everyone pulls through smehow, someway.

      I can’t speak for myself becuz i hate working!


      Now if only i could get paid to do something like musics full time……


  8. Definitely important to enjoy the work you’re doing. However, if you desperately need to pay the bills you can take an easier job as long as you still keep up with the activities that relate to you.

  9. Everyone should do only the jobs that they enjoy. Life would be more fun for them and for the people around. That is correct, a job that is enjoyable is better done than one that is not

  10. You may not enjoy a job if you never had the passion for it. It’s better for the medical workers to give their best at work despite their challenges. They are involved in a very important job.

  11. I could totally relate. If you are being paid to do something, do your best at it. I know not all people are passionate about their jobs– just quit if it’s not something to your liking.

  12. Love the music! Anyway, I think if people put time and effort into getting a job they want, then they should do their best on that job. If they end up hating what they do there, then that probably means they don’t really love their job that much.

  13. I think a lot of people end up with jobs they don’t enjoy doing. Never heard of someone who wanted to become something but ended up as a nurse or doctor though.

  14. I can relate to this so much because recently a neighbor died because the doctors weren’t taking care of him. It’s really disappointing because he was so young. He was only 25. They did a miscalculation on blood transfusion for dengue.

  15. I agree! Hospital staff , no matter what their calling is, they should have compassion in their work because the rest will follow especially in helping their patients correctly, safely, efficiently, and with empathy. I get sad when I hear news about hospital services negligence.

  16. If you’re not happy with your job, QUIT. It may be because its not for you and you have yet to find yourself. Or try to learn to love something.

  17. completely agree. i work at a college, so many people come into work whining, complaining or grumpy. ok yeah its not the best job, but do it . its gonna make everyone elses nights better too

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