Katlina Kliewer 2017

Redistribution of Katlina Kliewer titles began January 3rd, 2017; selections include both Vocal and Instrumental versions of previously released catalogues and shall now include dual-maxi releases where available. All products are professionally engineered and contain no autotune and no gimmicks of any sort. Please stay tuned for further updates and don’t forget to check Apple, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play as these are the four major networks who are serviced Katlina Kliewer (Takeo Tama) materials.




Katlina Kliewer is a Singer and entertainment-enterpriser who collaborates on multiple styles of Music. Her passion is in the genre known as Electro. Her industry focus is in Electronic Rock and Orchestra Songs featuring obscure Synthesis. For Listeners, the projects she works on can transcend commonly accepted formats. For Supervisors of sound-departments, gripping levels of sound stimulation can be invented.



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