“It” (Stephen King)

I recently finished reading the book, “It”, by: Stephen King. You know, the one about “that” killer clown? Only really (and truly), that’s not what the book is about…

I was afraid to start reading it because generally, I do not care for scary books and movies, but I finally started reading it a few weeks ago and I could not put it down. What struck me about the story is how it is not in fact about a killer clown itself but is actually centered on a group of “uncool” kids, The Loser’s Club they called themselves, and the lasting friendships they formed.

The female in the group survives an abusive father (and a psychotic bully from school), only to grow up and marry a man who is equally as bad (if not worse than the both of them) — Her portion of the story smacked me in the face, hard. I could relate. While my home life as a child was controlling, but never as bad as she had it, my school bully ended up being a cousin that I had to finally stand up to and distance myself from in college, but damned if I didn’t marry a man who was awful. The same kind of awful. And I would, like she did, pretend that things were better. I had most of my family and friends convinced, or so I thought, and I was so good at pretending that I even convinced myself for a long time. In the book, she noticed a look in their eyes, before they would try and harm her or try to kill her, that spacious dead look. That look is real, it is physical. It is one I’ve seen before and never want to see or feel again.

Now, years later, I have grown up (or am attempting to grow up), much like the kids in the story, and I have to come back and face my inner darkness.

I won’t have to kill a clown, or a spider, or a werewolf/mummy/vampire, but my own lasting anger from before. It has strained my vision and threatens to wreck harm to the good life I have now. The life away from said people, the life in which I was supposed to grow up in, and will, but with great effort.

Most of the children in the book grew up, survived, and overcame this great darkness, IT. A few did not make it, and some just barely.

IT was a very good book. Much better than I realized. Not as scary, at least, not scary for the reasons I had guessed.

The book is one I’ll have my son read, and one I will try and get my youngest brother to read as well. It is a story of friendship, defying the odds, and standing up together against bullies and those who want to harm you.

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  1. Now I’m intrigued. Prior to reading your review, I always thought of Stephen King’s IT as a horror story about a menacing clown and a group of kids. Now, your review somehow made me realize that there might be a deeper meaning in the story – perhaps a personification of emotions to make the meaning profound, yet real at the same time. Will consider reading this book in the near future, thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Sorry to say this but I do not get what the hype is all about? For that matter I do not get the point of scary movies. I mean why would you spend money just to get scared?

  3. The clown is just the worst! I really hated him since he was definitely creepy and was screaming for a big NOPE. Despite all that, the book was good and wasn’t that scary but instead it was more of like a adventure book!

  4. I’m not a big fan of horror books but I might try I.T since your description of the story was quite different from what I’ve imagined. I heard from a lot of people that the book and movies are definitely scary. Looks like I might be wrong from that.

  5. I.T is a fantastic book! The lore for the book is amazing as well. The movies do “some” justice to the characters and story but nothing beats the book. Hands down!

  6. Sounds like a great book that has a lot of underlying messages that most horror fictions don’t. Good authors always resonate with their readers one way or another. I’m glad as an adult you are conquering your inner-demons. Keep up the good work!

  7. almost all Stephen King books have been adapted to several languages in the world. he has become the property of the world, a legend of the world

  8. The story of “It” is really about the real life of people. Everyone has to face fear but not everything is about fear.

  9. This book seems very interesting to read, but it seems that because you have conveyed this information so deeply. From the way you conveyed, I became so absorbed in reading this article from beginning to end. 🙂 Thank you…

      1. I’ve checked it, and it’s available in online stores and has even been translated into the language I use everyday. Thank you… 🙂

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