In one week…

A lot can be learned about one’s self in one weeks time.

Last Friday I learned how deeply I could love someone I’d just only met. I still have much to learn about motherhood, about life, about love, and about raising boys especially.

Life gives us many lessons, some are joyful and beautiful, while others are harsh, ugly and difficult. The most important thing is what we do with it and what we learn, not what we say.

Art that is based on life is not always pretty, but you can be assured it has meaning and importance.

Babies, on the other hand… are always beautiful.



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40 thoughts on “In one week…”

  1. This is why I say women are stronger. They are in charge of nurturing life. However, it does not mean that being a guy is a walk in the park.

  2. When I first my brother, I was 7 at that time, I was so jealous because they all doted him and I feel like nobody was no longer there for me. But when his little hand wrapped around my finger something just clicked and i knew I had to protect him.

  3. congratulations on having your baby! I may not be a parent but I know what you mean by loving someone you just met deeply. I helped delivered my nephew so I was not just excited and happy when I finally met him but was also touched at how a mother could bare through the labor.

    1. Thank You. I peeked at your blog, Very Nice. I enjoyed the architecture photos as well. It is exciting to learn about others and other places.

  4. i am sure you’re gonna learn a lot about life through this beautiful gift of motherhood. Loving someone makes you realize so many truths.

  5. I’m sure being a mother, despite all its difficulties, is a wonderful experience. I am a child in a family of four so I think my mother has had plenty of experience with motherhood and I’m sure she loved every minute.

  6. Sleepless nights, mood swings (hot flushes are the worst!), and bouts of depression even… the first few months of motherhood can be a challenging time for you. Get as much support you can from your partner, friends, and family.

    But none of these will matter the moment your little angel sleeps peacefully wrapped in your arms. There’s nothing like it, I tell you.

  7. Such a lovely bundle of joy! You’re in for a wild, fun, yet fulfilling ride with that little angel you got there. Take it from a single mom like myself. 😉

  8. babies are blessing. It always been. I know what you had going through even though I never had a child on my own. I am happy for you and wishing you the best with your angels.

  9. Parenthood is one of those things in life that will make one grow up. Some are fortunate to be one while others are do not even become parents. Well Life I guess.

  10. I am not a father at least not yet but I agree having a kid changes everything. It can be exhausting yet fun at the same time.

  11. Congratulations dear. It’s such a blessing to have a bundle of joy. He/she will love you as you love him/her unconditionally. 🙂

    No other love or bond can be replaced.

  12. I actually didn’t realize it at first not until i saw the picture you got in there. Congrats! There’s really so much we can learn from a one week experience.

  13. Nice thoughts. Life is beautiful in every perspective. Th most important is to be able to share love to all those who we meet

  14. A day can make such a difference! A week can turn things upside down! Nothing like the joy of having babies! I’m sure little budd is keeping you engrossed throughout! Beginning of a new innings in life. Many congratulations. 🙂

  15. Wow, congratulations! I agree that babies, and children in general, are always beautiful. And motherhood/fatherhood is one of the most fulfilling role we could ever do.

  16. This is the start of a new and great series of chapters in your life and I wish you the best. Congrats on your new addition. So beautiful!

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