I Can Imagine

“I Can Imagine” by Katlina Kliewer is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play; head on over and download or stream it ASAP! Want to License the song in your Film, Television, Video-Game, App-software, Mobile-design, Corporate A/V, or Business Advertising/Marketing presentation? No probem!!




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9 thoughts on “I Can Imagine”

  1. Wow!

    This song is put together really well.

    I don’t hear any vocal tuning or nothing, like music before the 2000s!

    Definitely keep it up!


  2. You are so beautiful! I saw your other videos! Go out with me? I’m a man of men? Seriously! I treat you like a princess, queen, and goddess!

    Think about it?


  3. Army bring all their shit music from West.

    Your stuff is like the stuff our record sellers had before invasion.

    Now it Gaga and Kanye and all STUPID song!

  4. Ooooo, so you are girl rabid space monkey!


    I find spinach soup ever lasting grace for my mouth!

    This song is very complex though soothings.

  5. You’re one of greatest artist I hear, and too i like the many things you place your fingers within.

    A lot European plus American stuffs sound not natural and then make you tired to listen.

    You’re doing something much better and more emotional profitable than many peoples i think.

    Your Japan company is very advanced too.

    Five stars A+!

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