Listen up! FOLLOW ME into -the- Abyss?! Well, okay!! Follow me to my primary gathering spot––and – my only, little, tiny, bitty, teeny, microscopic request…? If “you” have it in your heart and you have the time to, please subscribe to MY WEBSITE’s RSS feed… — It’s very simple and isn’t a mailing-list or something stupid like that; its just a thing that e-mails you when a new-post is added. That’s it! For now, I’m leaving this message up to keep things rolling. And always, thank-you thank-you thank-you and I hope to see “your” comment very soon.

– Kat

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    1. I know right? Stupid stuff, I thought what I said was funny. Thanks for coming to the other site too.

  1. I am not quite familiar with how RSS works but I guess it can’t be that complicated. Definitely subscribing love.

  2. Way to market yourself. Your website looks like a huge mega for art, music and blogging. I like all the social platforms your using as well. Thanks for the update.

  3. This is a great launch! With great substance for your blog, I’m certain you’ll have a greater number of visits sooner than you know it. I can hardly wait for your next posts.

    1. I love how positive you all are on here! Thanks so much for enjoying my randomness! All support is very much appreciated.

  4. This is an awesome kick start! With good contents for your blog, I’m sure you’ll have more visits sooner than you know it. Can’t wait for your next posts! xoxo

  5. Subscribing is fine but I have yo check it first. It all boils down to content. First impressions? It looks good. Did you draw that art? good job. Anyway you got my attention now. Good morning to you.

  6. Oy! Got it! I have always liked not having to do anything extra to read you and your company news.

    No worries, I subscribed at the other website side menu thingy!

    1. Vielen dank! It’s hard to censor my thoughts sometimes before the fly out of my mouth, or in this case, onto my keyboard.

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