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It doesn’t seem like many people know that “Hell In The Pacific” (OST) is one of the many licenses that Takeo Tama has under its belt. Another thing that a lot of people don’t know is that they may have in fact, only experienced a portion of this soundtrack-album as it had three major-releases (and one final-revision). So, now that I have your attention; some of you might have said to yourselves just then, “What on Earth is Hell In The Pacific?”

Hell In The Pacific (OST)
Description from the original box-art:

Pearl Harbor, Japan’s D-Day on America, one of the most Influential and eye-opening events of the 20th Century; Those that wanted War with Hitler’s regime but couldn’t join-up in time, finally get their chance to fight. Though titled as some grand form of theatrical art, no one really wanted front row seats in the Pacific-Theatre. Atrocities, Imprisonment, Torture and the like, soured this battle from the start. The main struggle for soldiers in this conflict would be sustaining their sanity, over all that ensued. In reflection of those troubling hours and historical plights, see the world as a soldier, crusading over the front lines; battling onward to make it through. Experience the sights through the Ambient, Classical, and Experimental sounds of The Modding Theater’s: “Hell in the Pacific” (Original Soundtrack)

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15 thoughts on “Hell In The Pacific (OST) [@TakeoTama.com]”

  1. Ok so maybe I’m a little dense here but exactly how does it work in that you brought the soundtrack back?

    I guess I’m confused because while I like all your blogs and art and the sexy Brexit bunny video of you, I still just don’t understand your part.

    So you are like a business maven or something like that?

    I think it’s cool and if it means you’ll bring more great stuff like this then I’m all in but still, how do you play into all this?

  2. Man! I always wondered what happened to this! I don’t guess the old doubled disc set is still around? or in print or whatever they say? Thanks for keeping it alive!

    1. I’m sure it’s floating around somewhere. We’ve been toying around with the idea of putting it in physical print again, but for now you can stream the “hell” out it it. 😉

  3. I love the drum opening. It reminds me of our National Anthem actually. Pearl Harbor is a day that will always be remembered. Depends on where you look at it, but either it’s a day of success of sorrow.

  4. I feel a sense of dread and loss when I listen to this soundtrack. IMO, it’s a cathartic masterpiece with a powerful message.

  5. It’s a good creative work of art to be able to recreate conflicts in music. It helps to spread the word that war and conflicts are not to be desired. This is good music.

  6. To be able to make music out of passion and out of history is a brilliant thing. This official sound track is one a kind.

  7. It’s amazing that they can capture such a graphic scene into music. I get a sense of fear and pride when listening to this soundtrack.

    1. I love when music can transport you to another place in another time… allowing the minds eye to wander and explore.

  8. Being able to transform emotions into sounds and sounds into emotions is something that an OST like this can do. That definitely requires a lot of sensibility, it looks like a very interesting process. And the info you had on its three releases was also quite interesting.

  9. It’s a very touching instrumental song, I feel very moved when I saw the pearl harbor movie, and this song matches it perfectly.

  10. Well Pearl Harbor is widely known movie that entails the war between Americans and Japanese. You are right this is an eye opener and thanks for this info.

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