From Adversity Comes Diversity

As you may be aware, Takeo Tama Co and it’s affiliated artists (ie: SS and I) have been working hard in the background to continuously distribute and redistribute title after title and more are on it’s way.

From adversity comes diversity, but that’s a story for another day. As usual there is a wide range of music represented here.  Continue to check out what’s available for streaming and digital downloads.



As well as a few titles are available in physical disk form.


With every purchase YOU help change the world of music.


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20 thoughts on “From Adversity Comes Diversity”

  1. The songs presented seem relaxing and interesting to me. I see the diversity in the songs. I wonder what adversity caused this.

  2. The songs are good and I love the music. Of the three I liked the “Ready, Just fine” the most. You guys are very talented and I really appreciate you people for giving the world some good meaningful songs. Diversity comes in many forms and you are applying it to music. It is a great thing and all the best for your team. 🙂

  3. Diversity is like being open minded with changes and applying that changes to grow. It is great that you are applying this. It is the best thing to grow in every line of work you are.

  4. I especially like the “Ready, Just Fine” song. But overall, I like how diverse your music is. Two thumbs up! 😉

  5. One thing leads to another. It´s good to have diversity , spacially in music. I´m always in the search for new musical tendencies. Thumbs up!

  6. Ready, Just Fine reminds me of Spongebob song “It’s a great day ever”or the “Jelly Fish Song”. Now, I couldn’t stop myself from dancing!

    1. The ones listed for 2.06$ get you the digital download instantly emailed to you, and a physical CD mailed directly to you. The titles listed for $0.99 get you just the digital download.

  7. Ready, Just Fine is a great mixture of retro and groovy. I couldn’t help but dancing to the tune of the song. Really nice!

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