“Fall” Is In The Air

I’ve always loved the fall season, with the changing color of the leaves and the slight chill to the air. Depending on where i’m living at the time. Some Places are just plain hot year round!

The changing colors and season has always been so symbolic for me. The new year is getting ready to begin, and thus I am getting ready to continue to make changes for the better in myself, my family and my company.

In America, Halloween seems to mark the “kick off” holiday for the “Holiday Season”. It’s not that big a deal, but dressing the kids up and spending time with friends and family with some good food and a few pumpkins is always fun.

This year my son is almost a year and a half, and everytime he see’s a pumpkin he yells “BOO!”. We had a great time last night at our Hmong friends home, which is where we have spent most of our holidays the last few years. He dressed up like a dinosaur, and ran around playing with their Black Cat named Ghost. Very Holiday appropriate.

Just like the seasons, Takeo Tama is ever changing and evolving. I am pleased with the direction everything is going at the moment. There is so much to do, and not always enough time or people to do it, but somehow we manage. But seriously, if someone invents a way for me to need less sleep and be in a few more places at once, let me know!

In honor of this creepy holiday, I hope you enjoy some spooky voice acting by Sekrett Scilensce and I hope everyone has a great night!

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