Consolidations and Anticipations

In case you noticed, the websites have been consolidated. As Sekrett Scilensce so eloquently put.. “My site is a penis after showering”, (Though I do not wish to compare my website to this ridiculous mental image).

These consolidations come as we are spending more time and focus on uploading our music, recording songs and putting new ideas into motion.

On a personal note, I am anticipating winter’s end so that I can spend more time sightseeing some of natures beauties without being cold and worrying about the car slipping off the road and into a ditch.

My time in the Midwest has been life changing and exciting but I am looking forward to seeing where our travels will take us next.

More to come soon!

28 thoughts on “Consolidations and Anticipations”

  1. many of your fans must have missed you, initially when I was reading the headline; i taught you mean you are stopping here!

  2. your vacancy left some space in my music library now you are back and soon to start, I can wait to listen to those melodies of yours that make me smile

  3. hey!, I have missed your update for a while now it’s good to back, and I hope to listen your new released anytime soon

  4. I don’t think it’s fair that you insinuate my comment as inaccurate or more so, not exact. Many instances around the world and planet exist to which the male-genitalia is a victim, harshly deposed, exposed, doused, and defiled from its core-competency of existence.

    “Showers” are ‘wrong’ in that instance (useful hygienic practices aside).

    How dare you!

    – Ss

    Disclosure: Sekrett Scilensce is hopeful to be nominated for the, -dramatic blog comment of the year- award.

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