Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are? Tell Me!

I spend many nights awake, hyper, “Revving” as some call it, turning in circles, laughing, nearly hysterically. Other times, I can’t bare to be awake or even bothered…

No matter the mood or reason, music is always a remedy.

It can snap me out of a funk and get me dancing instantly.

I have always felt songs, not just listening to them, but truly feeling their composition. The way sound moves you, the way it encircles you, the way it comforts you, the way it validates your anger, your
sadness, your existence.

It is spiritual, it is background, it is the soundtrack and theme, the anthem to a region, to a generation…..

Over the last several years spent traveling, I have explored and observed many regions, cultures, types of people, seeing many sights, hearing many accents, tasting foods (probably far to many).

Each area has different attitudes and levels of acceptance, curiosities. It fascinates me, sometimes it infuriates me but mostly, it adds to my learned experiences with different lifestyles, outlooks, existences.

While striving to move further forward, my inner child still asks; “Who’s out there?”

Seriously and literally, “Who is out there?”

Who is reading this now?

Who is listening to my songs??

I really want to know.

What countries, which cultures am I reaching?

Please scroll down to the comments section and let me know. I need, want, desire to hear from any and all of you!
“Ready, Just Fine”

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47 thoughts on “Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are? Tell Me!”

  1. “No matter the mood or reason, music is always a remedy.”
    What I think that, when you are ready to have a baby, you might enjoy more music. You baby might become a musician.

    1. I am going to have a baby now, so maybe we can hope for a new musician or scientist in our future. 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful comment.

  2. Hi there I am here in Malaysia but I am Filipina and I agree with you on how Music can influence our mood. I love trying out different stuff too and I believe it makes us a better person. I wish I ca start a blog like yours too

  3. Ja, truer ist der staet fur die mensch zu akkzepten neuer talenten dort transformieren das entertainen industrie schaft.

          1. Kein problemm, wenn du wilst gekommnt Deutschland, aus mit was wirtschaftsektorkunst habbe die planen zu gibt hier aus? Der audienz ist majorenvolk Amerika oder Europa oder ober kontinental regionen Stadtseite?

  4. Music is my escape and yes…I can feel it too! However, I still need to go out and explore other forms of music. I need to expand my horizon and be more open to other cultures’ beat!

  5. Bist du Deutscher? I studied basic Deutsch but I’m kinda rusty now because I haven’t practiced for a while. I wanted to go to Schweiz but…I didn’t pursue it. Sowieso, I hope you can take me to Schweiz with your Musik!

  6. Ever been to Davao City, Philippines? Life is here! I love your blog’s color. It’s my color, too! Would love to listen to you singing but… oooohhhh… the video’s not available. Come and visit the Philippines… Anyway, a great day!

  7. no matter what the mood or experience music will always be a remedy.Your inspiring words and lyrics are great because i can relate to them with different occurrences happening in my life.

  8. So where are some of the places that you traveled? I think that would make for some interesting blog posts as well!

  9. You do all of this? ” Entertainment-Enterpriser; a Singer and Performer; a Billiard Steer-Man; also a product-design and oversight specialist; once a Magician’s-assistant.” Well my question is when and how in the world do you sleep? Are you human lol.

  10. What a sexy voice! Lyrics I can relate to. I was crying, smiling, and wiggling. I don’t dance I wiggle. I felt motivated to paint.

  11. Wow you get to travel and explore different places. I feel so confined that I have only explored my own “backyard”. I really need to get out and see the world more like you.

  12. “No matter the mood or reason, music is always a remedy.” Same with me. I can’t play or sing a wink lol, but just listening too some good music takes my strain away. Which is why I hang out on your site so much:)

  13. Music is always a remedy, huh? Well, I could not agree enough! It can convey emotions that vocabulary in any language sometimes cannot express. I envy those who can express themselves through music, so I just content myself in listening to their art.

  14. Blogs are ways of bringing out the inner side of us. And what you did is something beautiful. You speak your mind, you tell what you feel. Doesn’t matter what others would say about what you have written, you felt liberated. Thank you for this inspiring point of view about music, though you may feel gloomy, just keep on going, for you inspire everyone who happens to read your site.

  15. I love you so much! You’re truly an inspiration to me in all that you do. Exploring, creating, living 🙂 Miss you dahling

    Somerset, TX

  16. I like your blog. I am not a fan of the music not saying it is bad just not my type of music. I can relate though I feel the music and it is therapeutic especially as a musician who is playing it.

  17. I love and like to travel around the world to know more people and their culture, food and sharing knowledge. Great blog with touching experiences, would like to live as it is, if I did sure I will post and share my experience over here.

  18. I always love songs. When you listen the songs, you can try to learn different languages! If you know more languages free to travel around the world, loving culture embraces music and people around the world. Great blog!

  19. “I have always felt songs, not just listening to them, but truly feeling their composition” What I think that, when you listen the songs, you can try to learn different languages . As well, sometimes, you might remember your interesting stories.

  20. With all that travel that you did, it is almost certain that you have a broader perspective about more things other than music. Your life seems so interesting. It is one that many dream about.

  21. Hello from the freedom loving country of Canada! Our free spirited and adventure loving culture embraces music and people from all over the world. Lately some new indie artists from countries other than the US and Canada have been getting some play; Milky Chance is a good listen. Try the song “Stolen Dance.” Or for some homespun Canadian goodness, Matt Mays and “Dull Knife” is a good pick. Happy listening!

  22. I love your blog! I wish I could live a life like yours…very colourful, full of exciting stories! Can I just pack up and leave everything behind and see the world? Any tips?

  23. Philippines represent! I love travelling too, but sometimes work restricts my travel plans. I like learning about new cultures first-hand — seeing, touching, tasting, etc. It gives me an assurance that despite our differences, I believe that deep down, we are all good people.

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