China Called (And I May Have Blown It!)

Enough of the depressing talk for nowI have a funny story to tell. — While on the recent road-trip that I took to visit family, I received a call which I hastily answered as I was pulling up to a hotel right near a busy highway. I was getting out of the car and trying to get a crying baby out of his car-seat and grab some bags at the same time to run into the hotel to sleep for the night.

I told the person on the line, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m coming in now!”

I did not notice the call was from Takeo Tama’s business-line and thought It was someone else.

The person who answered may have been from China? I do not speak Chinese, and wish I spoke Asian languages. All I heard is, Takeo Tama, maybe Beijing, and licensing.

I was so embarrassed, and apologized profusely, still not understanding what he was saying but once I heard licensing, I told him we would have to call back.

Business-Maven strike one!

I need a translator!!

I hope who ever called, can read this and know why I answered so abruptly.

China Is Calling?


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15 thoughts on “China Called (And I May Have Blown It!)”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that, sometimes people call you at the worst moment possible. I hope they call you back.

  2. Don’t worry about it. We can’t know it all, especially not foreign languages. Hey I don’t know if this already exists, but it sure would be really cool to have a phone that automatically detects a foreign language and then automatically translate it into the language of your setting. Now that would be super cool!

  3. If this phone call inspires you to learn Chinese then it served its purpose. Being bilingual is a great way to learn different cultures and get ahead in life. Hope you’re ready next time.

    1. I speak some Spanish and German and American Sign Language with English as my native tongue. I’m working on being more proficient in those first, then hopefully can add more.

  4. You have blown it girl, but who cares? HAHAHA, Language barrier is understandable, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  5. me too, I got embarrassed with that kind of conversation. The language barrier making it very difficult for a conversation that leads into embarrassment, even it’s just a phone call the feeling still the same when meeting or having a conversation in person.

  6. I will transfer your message to whoever called. Sometimes, it happens that way. We are busy and hastily answer a call. Hopefully, the Chinese individual will call back. Just be positive about it.

  7. Sorry about that,it wasn’t entirely your fault,considering the fact that the message came in a language you never understood and you ended the call that way.This post might help the caller realize that and maybe call back.

  8. I can totally relate with this and I also missed the important information I would have received.It even worse if we can’t understand the language. I hope the person see your post and revert though.

  9. Oh, noooooo! LOL I’ve had a couple of times where I answer a call and I hear a spoken language which I cannot understand at all – but they usually put in a word or two of English until we both realize they’ve called the wrong number. I know that doesn’t seem to be the case on your end (I don’t mean to rub it in, I swear!) I hope that someone reads your post and they call again

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