Chat Like It’s 1990, In 3D!

You, your friends, your friends of friends, your cousins, Moms, Dads, uncles and aunts–the “baud” would screech and before your tiny eyes was an entire universe, laced in the fruits of mystery and delight, for you were connected to the world and, the world spoke back! — Fast forward just a few centimeters and BAM!! Now the world isn’t beholden to telephone-line Internet; noooo… It’s a brave new world, seeking out new life and civilization, boldly “broadband” where ever fiber-optics may rest.

Today, you can relive that experience known as “Chat” and become one of the many pioneers into a 3D playground built for the common-person (and not just video-game hustlers).

Try 3D Chat!!


Tell the World! Now!!

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