Business Directions and Baby Squirrels

Takeo Tama is making strides at innovation in a few different directions, and I’m excited. Some of it is still unknown, even to us but to be able to stand at a fork in the road and decide to push forward, either direction means growth, Music as always remains our focus and our passion. See Blog.

Another fun bit of development…
So The day before Valentine’s Day, My sister found a baby squirrel! It had survived a fall from it’s nest in the trees above, and was making tiny squeaks, (Which alerted her dog, who in turn let her know) ect. The rest of it’s family did not survive, probably attacked by a owl or a hawk.

So my sister decided to try and nurse the little thing back to health. I’m so surprised and relived that it made it. It’s pretty cool, not every one get’s a chance to raise a wild thing to health. Now she spends her days playing in the trees and her nights cuddling with a human. So without further ado, I made a little video for you guys to enjoy!

Cheers to people Big Hearts!




Featuring “Truffle”

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  1. This is one of the most heart warming stories I’ve heard in a long time. You have definitely brightened my day:)

  2. I love cute animals as pets. Most of the ones I’ve had and have are just the typical ones though. You know, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs. I want something different next time. That squirrel looks cute and all, but don’t they have rabies or stuff like that?

  3. I could barely keep a healthy, petshop-bought, goldfish alive for a week! This squirrel was born wild and probably injured and she was able to raise it? I really suck with pets! Oh, and congrats to your sis!

  4. Truffle is so adorable! I have adopted a stray dog so I know the joys of rescuing and loving cute, furry creatures.

  5. Aaaa Truffle is lovable! Please let me know the perk of raising an orphaned little animal, because I had found kittens and they couldn’t survive huhuhu. I hope you guys get a lot of happiness together

  6. My monitor screen got blurry when I watched the video :”) I couldn’t help myself in tears. I can feel your sister big heart for raising super fragile creature into cute fluffy squirrel. <3

  7. It’s such a joy to see anyone or anything is living. The baby squirrel is so fortunate to have met your sister.

    Hope you will get your business directions clear very soon!

    1. Thank You! I can’t wait to fly home and meet her in person. My sister let me know the other day, that Truffle has been sleeping in a nest outside at night as well as playing in the trees during the day. She just comes to visit and plays with them during the day, and came in the other night to sleep inside when there was a big storm. She seems happy being a half tame / wild thing.

    1. I’m about to have a real baby, and I want a baby squirrel now! I had the funniest amount of joy and jealousy when my sister told me she had it.

  8. Nice to hear that you’re reorganizing your business focus for the better. And the story about your sister and the baby squirrel is simply amazing:) Never heard anything like it! This could really change people’s perspectives of nature, wildlife, connections and human compassion all together.

  9. Wow, I am excited for the baby squirrel. It feels good that your sister take good care of it. This is the first time I learned that we can pet it and they will respond to the kindness and love we gave to them.

  10. Oh my god it’s so cute and I can’t believe this. The squirrel was so lucky and it landed up in such a good place for his own. I appreciate your sister, she really takes cares the baby squirrel. Nice video. Thanks fro sharing such a good news to us.

  11. Wow, it’s amazing. As far as I know mostly Squirrels are not easily friended with a human but this article, as well as video, is really quite surprising for me. I just changed my view and opinion. She is really enjoying.

  12. Oh it’s soooo cute! It looks like it was just a few days old when your sister found it. It’s really amazing how it was able to survive that fall. Nevertheless, I reckon it was meant to be for your sister to become mummy to a squirrel!

    1. Me too. But Even better, I want to have blogs where people read and interact, and buy and stream all our music. 😉 #Support

  13. I love reading personal experiences like this one. It is not scripted most of the time not to mention it has your own touch on it. I also wrote things like these if I am in the mood.

    1. Thank You! Feel free to share your personal experiences anytime. I love hearing other people’s stories too.

  14. Is this article written by a kid? If it is then it is cool. I can never write like this when I was at her age. Thanks for sharing.

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