Brave Decisions, Scary Indecision, Blissful Expectations (

I am normally one of the most nerve-wrecked people you’d ever encounter (easily), to the point where it has at certain moments, made my decision making abilities “less” than desirable, but, despite all of that, I don’t care. I want to do well, I want others to fare well and grow, I want all things to expand (within reason) and mostly, I want ‘fun’ at the end of all these tunnels, these channels of dreams, beating the odds, escaping all fears; and then there’s the realities of my desires in…

1. Art

2. Creation

3. Entertainment

Preceded by:

A. Life (survival)

B. Health

C. Family

So, what are some of the fun things from the first list of three?

Taming The Beast!

At Takeo Tama, we have “The” ‘Composer’. I’m still wrapping my head around how many fully-completed releases we still have to get out. It’s insane!! So, in the interim, I tell Sekrett Scilensce, “I think it’d be a good idea to take some of your more unexpected songs and slip them out to [YouTube] via their recent merged [Google-Play] bullsh*t.”

I didn’t expect him to but, he sighed in agreement.

I moved along, explaining my thought-processes and ultimately, finally managed to formulate a bolder decision then many I’ve made over a long while.

Do you have 15-minutes?!

(Just click the red “X” next to the words ‘close’ and the video should display below)…

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(If Google blocked the above video in your country or you can’t see it for any reason, just let me know in the comments below and I’ll get another page uploaded with a different provider at the main website)

Back to what I was saying; what’s fun from that second list??

Well, 2-months ago, I slipped on some ice and injured my ankle, and then had to crawl back inside then upstairs just to, “ice” it some more?

It’s finally starting to feel a little better and I’m walking with much less of a limp and no crutches but still!

My son is just as “graceful”. He falls constantly but smiles and gets right back up. Thankfully, he has not hurt himself too bad (yet), though he did just chip his tooth last night. He is starting to stand more on his own now and I’m sure he will take his first steps by the end of this month.

All this in between business-decisions, bottle-feedings, diaper-changes, quick-doodles, and staring out the window at the snow, missing the flowers and the beach!!

What have you been up to?


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14 thoughts on “Brave Decisions, Scary Indecision, Blissful Expectations (”

  1. There are times that we make decisions as easy as breathing but there are also cases where it would be better for others to decide for us because that would make us feel more at ease. It’s great that various emotions course through you and you did great in dealing with it.

  2. Happy to know you’re feeling better now. Your story is highly relatable. I got a back injury a week ago and was told by the doctor that I should stop my weekend hobby- climbing mountains. I’m both sad and happy. I really love climbing mountains so I will miss it. But then, I can now open my doors for new hobbies. Yay!

    1. Mountain climbing sounds exciting, what are you thinking of trying next? (Also, hope your back is feeling better.)

  3. The video is not playing ha ha. Anyway as they say life is a choice. We have to make decisions in every turn we take. It is up to us to make the most out of it.

  4. I get what you mean man, sometimes not making a decision can be even worse than making one. You feel regret after for not doing anything and always think about what could have been.

  5. Great to see you back my dude! Man, I missed your content a lot since this is the only entertaining blog for me! Anyways, thanks for the cool update.

  6. Well, sometimes everything happens at the same time… Like you, I also have a HUGE problem with decision making… Sometimes I just let life decide for me. Maybe that was what happened to you and your ankle 🙂

  7. I have been taking brave decisions myself. Only that you have been more brave to take on a business while taking care of a baby. That was fantastic to know.

  8. This made a good read,yes life is full of turns and twists but by wishing others well, we get well too. Hope you are good now. Couldn’t watch the video though.

  9. I would also like to be stronger than all my fears together, and sometimes I manage to do it that way but it costs me a lot of effort. I loved your post, unfortunately the video appears to me as unavailable.

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