Brain-Train To The New “Main” (My Mind’s, Gain?)

Well, here is a personal update; two-weeks ago, I brought home my “new baby boy” from the hospital. Yay! — I’ve had very little sleep since then but! Things are going well!! And he is such a little sweetie. And don’t worry, I’m not going to get overly mushy and emotional this time, (I promise)? — I have two little boys now?! Don’t get me wrong, I am happy and excited, life is moving forward and, I have to keep up!!! Part of that means “as soon as I am able to”, I need to work at getting stronger and faster. Have any of you had to chase down a toddler lately?

The future is uncertain and unclear, but progressing forward. As it does. I will not allow those who are spiraling around me to affect or bring down my momentum and my happiness. I care about them, and wish them the best, always, but as wise-words have once said, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

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“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” ― Kahlil Gibran

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Keep “your” eyes on me and TAKEO TAMA co. — Things could get cool and crazy??


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29 thoughts on “Brain-Train To The New “Main” (My Mind’s, Gain?)”

  1. Shiiiiiit 🙂 I love my kids but they eain’t getting all my life force and money.

    Gotta get me some living too!

    Congratualtions chica!

  2. Does it cost a lot to do things at your site like this? I see my cousin using all the “free” sites but I always think of if he wakes up and its all gone *lmao*

    Not trying to sound bad or nothing but I have thought it.

    1. It doesn’t have to cost a ton. Just depends on how many sites you have and how much bandwidth you need on a server, ect. But yes, it’s so much nicer to have all your “eggs in your own basket!” I am with you on that one!

    1. Yes I am! Although I must confess, my recordings are a bit backed up. I probably need to get a babysitter just to get a few more finished.

  3. Que paso? 🙂

    More babies? No more sleepy.

    I kind of don’t remember the website like this but I remember the guy in the bottom links.

  4. True! 😉

    You will be sooo fit after chasing toddlers!

    All the “other” young boys will want you!

    But the chasing won’t stop until almost 21 so be ready.

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