Billiard Road Stories: The Steer-Man (#1)

Some of the grittiest places we’ve sought out have birthed the most entertaining stories. In the world of Pool-Halls and hole-in-the-wall bars/pubs, some deemed too dangerous to enter, we put our quarters down and wait.

We get stares of course. We aren’t from there hometowns, our clothes are different, and so forth. We head straight for the table and Jukebox, cases in hand.

One patron asks if we just came from a wedding, while another nervously jokes that we’re carrying weapons, but after time, they see that we really were just there for the table, at which point, someone comes up and shakes my hand, introducing themselves, often giving their “Pool Name”.

Thus starts the beginning of a friendship (of sorts), or at least a transaction.

The games go fast, the laughter and the drinks flow freely, stories are shared and then we leave as abruptly as we came, making sure to jot the details down in, “The Book”.

Mostly, we are just passing through. We always make a point to return, if not next week, at least by next year.


Seinfeld: Billiards a la KRAMER

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11 thoughts on “Billiard Road Stories: The Steer-Man (#1)”

  1. Billiard/pool halls sorta have their own subculture. Quite intimidating to outsiders, especially those that are in small towns where people know each other. But I’ve been to one in a university town so it was filled with guys and it absolutely looked like the one in the movies (minus the brawl)!

  2. Not into billiards, but I sometimes go to pool halls to relax. Conversations flow freely and people are less judgmental than the world outside. However, it doesn’t happen automatically, as I’ve observed. I mean, it took us (me and my friends) about 3 visits before regular patrons started acknowledging us.

  3. Playing pool on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or game console seems so easy. The real thing is nowhere near the simplicity of its virtual versions. Imagine my horror when I realized that a golf club is much heavier than a Wii controller!

  4. The billiard table. My next best stress-reliever back in college. A close second to my video game consoles. This post makes me want to call the ol’ chaps to dust off the old table down at the basement for a spot of 9-ball.

  5. There’s a whole culture around bars and pool halls. Personally, I like laid back pool and I follow the rules pretty loosely. Some pool fanatics hate that, haha.

  6. Will “The Book” become a book? With photos, that would be an interesting and unusual travel book, especially with anecdotes about each one.

  7. The pool hall is an true American Icon. The darkness, intrigue and opportunity to play the perfect game on an unsuspecting co player is awesome.

  8. I can see where out of the way pool halls or bars that offer pool tables could be a source of interesting stories as people are more inclined to share a bit about themselves when they are involved in an activity that takes their mind away from our differences and focuses it back on the task at hand. What could be more intimate than the sight of an attractive woman bent over a pool table focusing on getting a banked shot in? The very sublime sexiness of the game opens it up to a subversive culture.

  9. I really don’t know why billiard halls are associated with people with tattoos and big motor bikes which kinda makes you feel uncomfortable hanging around. But just the same I like the sport and I’m a clean looking guy.

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