Chicago P.D.? No?? Chicago P I G G Y?! Yes! Ja!! What…?

Have any of you seen Chicago PD? Not much to it. It’s a slightly addictive yet run of the mill cop TV-drama with mediocre storytelling–and–I’m drawn to want to watch it over and over sometimes; why?! — The lead-character is Hank Voight, a “somewhat” corrupt Chicago-sergeant who is still “somehow”, a stand-up guy. — There is also Detective Olinsky, who gets into some “real” heat for covering up Hank’s methods. It broke everyone’s hearts to see the aloof but relaxed detective who lived in his wife’s garage get into the mess…

So me, “being me”; I think of little puns and corny-jokes that are almost hilarious? I told Sekrett Scilensce, “I’m going to draw Chicago, Piggy! Featuring Oink Voight and Chicklinsky…..”

He laughed and said, “Great, I’ll start on the theme song, We will make it like theirs, but better!”

So without further adieu, we present to you:

“Chicago Piggy”

Can’t see the video above? Click-here!

Want a bullshit version without the “Guitars” like they’d use on network-TV? Click-here!


Brain-Train To The New “Main” (My Mind’s, Gain?)

Well, here is a personal update; two-weeks ago, I brought home my “new baby boy” from the hospital. Yay! — I’ve had very little sleep since then but! Things are going well!! And he is such a little sweetie. And don’t worry, I’m not going to get overly mushy and emotional this time, (I promise)? — I have two little boys now?! Don’t get me wrong, I am happy and excited, life is moving forward and, I have to keep up!!! Part of that means “as soon as I am able to”, I need to work at getting stronger and faster. Have any of you had to chase down a toddler lately?

The future is uncertain and unclear, but progressing forward. As it does. I will not allow those who are spiraling around me to affect or bring down my momentum and my happiness. I care about them, and wish them the best, always, but as wise-words have once said, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” ― Kahlil Gibran

Keep “your” eyes on me and TAKEO TAMA co. — Things could get cool and crazy??

Leading The Bounce, Back And, Again?

Well, it certainly has been a very long time since I’ve written, or even been online, and I, apologize? — Since January, I’ve had a major move. I have moved from the snow and into the desert. I left behind some good friends, but brought with me some of the best memories. Ahead, lies either the future, or merely another stepping stone to a path, unknown…

This desert is windy, dusty, both hot and cold and, unpredictable, but the change of pace and mindset is welcome and “VERY” long overdue, and the sun… I’ve missed it’s warmth!

My family has suffered some losses, but it is at the same time gaining some new additions, one of which is mine (due in September); another boy to come and steal our hearts and play with my previous, energetic wild one.

I have taken a small break from the medical field and from society in general and am hoping to gain perspective and center myself in this new existence. To quote a friend who recently said, “Nothing will ever be the same, so we will make it different and new”.

I am surrounded by #Music, by #Art, by passions and, vintage entertainment, and all the while in this world for once, do whatever I like.

My perfect existence, if even for but a moment, and I’ve chosen to make the most of it.

You will hear more from me, and Takeo Tama, as we are furiously working now on distributing many new titles (soon to be released).

Thank you.

“The Technicians”

“Did I Ever Have Your Heart In Hand?”

“Freestyle Radicals”

Closing One Chapter, On To The New Year!

The new year is here and we are fast approaching a new decade. As I can not make any promises or “resolutions”, because they would likely be broken before they even begin, I have begun to take a step back and work on a few things — Eating healthier and trying to think less negatively are just minor ones — I long to be bold and disciplined in my work/creativity/home-life and family-relationships, and cut ties that are not necessary; I desire to be a good example to my son and to regain myself from the hold of my “on again, off again” depression and moodiness and, be a more supportive partner.

These are bigger issues but yeah, I’m human too…

Very soon, I will be closing one personal chapter to begin writing another. It’s going to be difficult, but I feel it will be okay.

Prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best.

I’m ready to get back in the studio and finish recording a few songs that have been on standby. I’m also looking forward to starting a small garden this year and swimming more. Could be theraputic. I’ve always loved the water. It’s a chance to re-center, regain some of myself that was lost, and hopefully grow and thrive.

Anything good you guys are looking forward to?

The internet reaches so many different countries and cultures, and some of you seem to be students. We are all in different places and phases of our lives yet, I think it’s natural to be reflective as the year closes.

What are your thoughts?