All Aboard! The Night Train!!

“Night Train”, an instrumental Blues standard, originally composed by: Jimmy Forrest, made memorable by: James Brown, has been a source of inspiration for many artists throughout the years.

In true Jazz-Man spirit, Sekrett Scilensce creates his take on this Music-Lover’s favorite in, “The Night Train”.

The iconic riff, the discordance, and bizarre vocals make this Song, Sing!

And hey, it features: Yours Truly

Listen to: “The Night Train” (All Aboard)

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20 thoughts on “All Aboard! The Night Train!!”

  1. Oh ja 🙂 this is the great rendition. I like listening with the cup o joe and feeling the jazzyness. I should say that the speed is intensified after the caffeine kicks inward and then it becomes apparent that my legs are their own persons.



    1. Yes! 🙂 Who are these jazz masters? My father was the greatest trumpeter you could ever hear and i know he would have just loved this piece! It is hard to hear great songs of these kinds and not think of him but this is the first time I feel remembrance in a great way.

      I say BRAVO too!

  2. The last i heard this melody,its a super cool acoustic guitar and fret-less bass two part harmony with some traditional and society impacts.worthy listen again

    1. I’ve heard about it back in my teens, but never actually play the music ,great instrumental which takes me to bed whenever i play..

  3. As a youthful, I use to hear the tune Night Train as the subject for a radio sales show up. As an Adult, I created to genuinely like the sound of his tenor saxophone. I have gigantic quantities of his accumulations and bought this one as a present for my loved one’s sibling in Canada.

  4. I’m going to pass this along to my colleagues and classes. I just love when virtuoso stuff comes along in this time period we’re in, it makes all the waiting and wading through the over synthesized crap to be more than worth it. You can hear the train coming and leaving in this groove and that’s all fine by me, kicky feet, happy dance, happenstance. You guys are some “Kool Katz”.

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