A Personal Note On A New Song

A personal-note: Though I have German/Mennonite heritage, I grew up in an area with a very heavy Chicano/Tejano influence (which is funny, because I believe historically the Germans and the Mexicans had a good relationship i.e. The Kaiser and Pancho Villa?) — The culture, the language, the brightly colored homes, the superstitions and traditions, the smells and the food — I have a good appreciation for it, and believe it or not, spent a good several years only listening to Spanish music. Lou Diamond Phillips in “La Bamba” was always one of my favorite films, and the newer animated film “Coco” made me tear up and smile with familiarity that people where I live now would just not understand.

There is a soft place in my heart and from time to time, you may hear it or see its influence in our art, so, you can imagine how excited I was when Sekrett Scilensce recorded this one! It’s half English, half Spanish, and a completely a beautiful nod to the Tejano culture.

I think it’s beautiful and hope you enjoy!!

(Below is a copy of an entry from: TakeoTama.com)

~ So, you want to come drink with us in a cantina? Well, what are you waiting for, let’s go! — Take a listen to: (And) “If You Understand” by: Sekrett Scilensce and get transported to a world where the sights and sounds of the current music-spheres would never dare take you. But hey, don’t just take our word for it, click the video-link below and find out for yourself!! ~

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[hvp-video url=”https://takeotama.com/videos/ss-if-you-understand-56k.mp4″ adtagurl=”https://syndication.exdynsrv.com/splash.php?idzone=2975796″ width=”300″ height=”300″ poster=”https://www.takeotama.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/takeotama.gif” controls=”true” autoplay=”false” loop=”false” muted=”false” ytcontrol=”false”][/hvp-video]


* Please unmute the sound as some browsers automatically do this *

Song: (And) “If You Understand”
Label: Takeo Tama

15 thoughts on “A Personal Note On A New Song”

  1. Everything about this is so beautiful. The instrumentals just give you that relaxing and nostalgic vibe that is very rare in todays music. The note adds up to the quality and impact of the experience.

  2. The amalgam of two cultures enhances the flavour. The music really raises to another level and something beautiful piece of art.

  3. That was such a great track to listen to. The instrumentals made me feel good listening to it, I just had to play it over and over again. Thanks for sharing this to the world!

  4. There is something about this music that makes it so nostalgic to me. Must be the fifties style of music that’s getting to me. Music can be enjoy in any shape and form! I’m glad that you’re happy with music!

  5. I definitely enjoy this type of music. The instrumentals just got me listening to this again and again. I’m really feeling and enjoying this music.

  6. Finally you’re back! It’s been a while since I saw your blog posts sweetie. Thanks for the cool suggestion! I’m glad to have you back!

  7. Thank you, I really enjoy this personal note. I like music, any kind of music regardless of the language used in the song – because music is universal and you just feel it.

  8. Great use of instrumentals and a good throwback to fifties style music. I can see how this song would make you feel nostalgic with your roots and particular tastes.

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