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It’s Been One Year Since…

It’s been one year to the day that I was scared out of my mind, nervous and excited awaiting to drive to the hospital in the morning for surgery to meet my son. There in the operating room, he almost did not make it, but I thank the Universe he did. Now here he is healthy, funny and fiercely independent by his first birthday. His path is yet unfolding, and I am here enjoying every part of it.


* * * * *

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China Called (And I May Have Blown It!)

Enough of the depressing talk for nowI have a funny story to tell. — While on the recent road-trip that I took to visit family, I received a call which I hastily answered as I was pulling up to a hotel right near a busy highway. I was getting out of the car and trying to get a crying baby out of his car-seat and grab some bags at the same time to run into the hotel to sleep for the night.

I told the person on the line, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m coming in now!”

I did not notice the call was from Takeo Tama’s business-line and thought It was someone else.

The person who answered may have been from China? I do not speak Chinese, and wish I spoke Asian languages. All I heard is, Takeo Tama, maybe Beijing, and licensing.

I was so embarrassed, and apologized profusely, still not understanding what he was saying but once I heard licensing, I told him we would have to call back.

Business-Maven strike one!

I need a translator!!

I hope who ever called, can read this and know why I answered so abruptly.

China Is Calling?

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Depression Is A Fuck-Ass-Bitch

Depression is a fuck-ass-bitch that I know personally well. Sometimes there is a valid reason for her to rear her head, yet sometimes when everything is going just right… she pops in for a visit like an unwanted annoying neighbor, or that extended family member you don’t want to see but kind of “have to” for family’s sake. Sometimes she is here for just a short visit, but dammit sometime if she doesn’t just bring her bags and decide to stay for months!

Seriously, Go away! We all have shit to do and life to live, and things and people to love and enjoy with out the extra company bringing us down.

As if she isn’t bad enough, sometimes she brings her cousin Anxiety with her, Throw in Great Uncle Anger and the unwanted party is really getting started.

What the hell?!

I am much more productive without the unwanted visitors…

Anyone hearing this have the same problem?

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This Week Has Been A Blur

This week has been a blur.

It’s my first week back to work at the hospital after a very long road trip, (Our first long one with a baby under the age of one)!

I have to say I think we are all still exhausted. I know I am. He did really well on the drive, surprisingly. 4 days straight driving and being stuck in a car seat is a bit much for even the most patient of babies. But now that I know he can handle it. I am starting to make a small list of the other places I’d like to go and see. I don’t know if I’ll ever lose my itch for travel.

A few things on my list of places in the States are; Mount Rushmore, to see the grand canyon again, to make it to the Hot air balloon festival in New Mexico, and Ann Arbor Michigan and surrounding areas, and The Niagara Falls. This is a small but growing list. What are some places you guys would like to go?

It was so great to go back home and visit our extended families, I missed them and love them, but I don’t think I can go back permanently. Travel is in my blood, and it calls to me. I’m just thrilled that we will be able to continue to include my son, and make it a “family thing”.

But for now, it’s back to work. Both at the Hospital and at Takeo Tama and our brands. Some really good things are in the works and for now I’m just working on getting my groove back and staying helpful.

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Never Liked Authority…

I’ve apparently always had issues with authority. Starting from early on, refusing to “clean my room”, going through school, and into adulthood now. It’s funny, I seem to be fine with something until someone tells me I “have to” do something. I work hard, at work, I guess I just like things to be my idea. Or if I am told to do something, I want to know why and that the reason is not dumb, or because an “I say so” kind of reasoning. “Policy says” and blah blah blah.

I don’t know. Probably not a good quality, but I question everything!

I remember being tiny at my great grandmother’s church and getting into an argument with the pastor about god and dinosaurs. He told me my ideas were wrong, and I remember being pissed, knowing that I did not like or believe what he said.

This pattern follows me throughout:

Tell me we need to vaccinate against every disease; but show me proof that it works, and is safe, and no I won’t sign your refusal paper.

Don’t tell me your psychic; show me.

Tell me your tits are bigger than mine; prove it!

But I digress…

I guess what I’m really saying is, I just want to be left alone to do my own thing. I really don’t like a lot of external interference. I just want to pick my hours and what days I want off of work, choose how to raise my family, my own way, and not be told I have to because, “just because”.

It shouldn’t be too much to ask.

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April Blizzards Bring May Lizards

Sayings, wives-tales, wise-tales? This just has me cracking up. I’ve heard of, “April showers bring May flowers,” but this Lizard one is too much! In the Midwest-States, I’ve heard some great ones. Most recently was, “The snow falls on a Robin’s tail three times.”–Like Winter is not over until that happens. People are counting. Seriously. And for the record; this past weekend’s snow was the third (and hopefully the last) snow of “Winter”.

Meanwhile, my family down south is overheating and feeding the squirrel ice water to cool her off. My dad said, “The moon in June means July will be dry.”–Not sure about that one. (Remember the squirrel my sister rescued? She’s still doing well)–“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. Another Southerner saying, “If it was a snake it would have bit me”.

Für den deutschen Geist schmelzen: “A penny saved from hard work is a penny saved for a day you don’t work.”

(Ostpreußisch: “Grosz do grosza, a będzie kokosza.”–“A penny saved is a penny earned.”)

Or a personal favorite of mine, “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

What are some old sayings you guys have?

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On A Lighter Note: “An Honest Question?”

There is an “honest question” that I have been wondering for a while, and it’s burning a hole in my soul. “Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?” — Do they think they are snakes? What is really going on here… Can someone let me borrow their cat so I can test this out?? The world may never know many things but this! I must know!!


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Warning: #MeToo

I’m kinda’ the anti-feminist woman. I typically get annoyed with activist types, and the whole man hating thing. I like that men and women are different. I like that we have different strengths and weaknesses, and I feel like they can compliment each other.

That being said, I have to comment…

I have been reading and hearing much lately about many people in positions of power being abusive to their wives or girlfriends. It is a huge problem. not just for celebrities and politicians, but everywhere.

I have to say, this is a subject that is all too familiar to me.

I was previously in a very unhealthy marriage/relationship. I recognize and sympathize with the women in the articles I have read. Many said the exact same things I remember going through. “Walking on eggshells” around the significant other, not knowing when they would switch and become verbally abusive or physically abusive and threatening almost out of nowhere.

I can not say that I did not have a role in that toxic relationship, but I remember feeling like I was dying, and losing more and more of myself, and my soul, everyday.

People for various reasons decide to stay in these unhealthy and terrible situations, and many do not survive. I stayed much longer than any sane person would have. But then again, I have never pretended to be fully sane.

I made it through the other side, out of crushing darkness and over the past years, have started finding myself once again. (Not dead, just misplaced); I know that I’m truly stronger because of it.


I’m not a man hater.

I do have anger and some insecurities that are probably leftover, maybe even a few bouts of PTSD type behaviors. It’s something I have to try and work through everyday, but I have to try and use it for positive.

Hopefully, I can use it to teach my son how to be a strong man who is comfortable being a man and being himself, while also knowing how to be kind to others (i.e. the women in his life).

Thank you for reading!


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