An End Is Near, To Where Shall All Begin, Again…?

POkemon Go! Elf on the Shelf, and GPS? They all may be fun and useful, but “do” help map the insides of your homes (voluntarily??) — Google maps can go and see anywhere, and see anything, and now, many places you can even see inside of. I remember looking up my parent’s house on Google maps once and It actually showed my dad walking through the front door with what appeared to be his clean work uniforms in hand…

Seriously, where is the privacy? I know I’m being slightly hypocritical here as I have multiple social-media accounts. I get it, but I mean, between that and the big censorship push online, it’s a bit hard to just be an artist and do, “Your thing!”

Take this for example; “We” (a.k.a. Takeo Tama, my company), were recently uploading a few titles for distribution and not once, but multiple times, we were told we had to change the title of the song for “this” or “that” reason; or also, that a track had to be not too short and not too long–”They”–also recently refused to put two tracks onto an 8-bit album. We have to completely change everything and put out only half an album here and the other half there…

It’s bullshit, really…..

“We” are constantly being told either in person, by e-mail, or by ‘algorithm’ decision that something we are doing is not right!! (Much like Tumblr and their out of control and senseless flagging of actually “non adult content” right now).

It’s ALL somewhere between sad and funny.

Excuse me for a minute and let me remind “them”/everyone that we are the artists and the company producing the art in the style we choose.

There is no gatekeeper. We will persist.

Art and Music programs are being cut nationwide, and the Internet is squashing us as well.

What the heck?!

The dictionary is shrinking every year and the technology and tracking is getting completely out of hand. Credit scores, social scores, and positive re-enforcement psychology shit, banned commercials, banned literature, banned podcasting, scripted news, mind control, and if that’s not enough, weather/climate manipulation…

Is it time to completely unplug? Is it time to join my Mennonite Ancestors, out on a rural farm and just play for a barn dance?

I can not guarantee they will approve of my style.

Is it time to go back to the 70s or 80s?

Is it even possible.

About the author:

Katlina Kliewer is the Lead-Collaborator and Brand-Management member of the Takeo Tama company.

KATLINA KLIEWER appears courtesy of Takeo Tama (Entertainment-Enterprises) L.L.C. – All rights reserved. – A K4C0 ]|[ /|\ T3C0 collaboration.


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“Fall” Is In The Air

I’ve always loved the fall season, with the changing color of the leaves and the slight chill to the air. Depending on where i’m living at the time. Some Places are just plain hot year round!

The changing colors and season has always been so symbolic for me. The new year is getting ready to begin, and thus I am getting ready to continue to make changes for the better in myself, my family and my company.

In America, Halloween seems to mark the “kick off” holiday for the “Holiday Season”. It’s not that big a deal, but dressing the kids up and spending time with friends and family with some good food and a few pumpkins is always fun.

This year my son is almost a year and a half, and everytime he see’s a pumpkin he yells “BOO!”. We had a great time last night at our Hmong friends home, which is where we have spent most of our holidays the last few years. He dressed up like a dinosaur, and ran around playing with their Black Cat named Ghost. Very Holiday appropriate.

Just like the seasons, Takeo Tama is ever changing and evolving. I am pleased with the direction everything is going at the moment. There is so much to do, and not always enough time or people to do it, but somehow we manage. But seriously, if someone invents a way for me to need less sleep and be in a few more places at once, let me know!

In honor of this creepy holiday, I hope you enjoy some spooky voice acting by Sekrett Scilensce and I hope everyone has a great night!


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Stress Dreams

I had a dream…

(This is not a hypothetical pep talk or political in nature by any means) *

I had an actual dream, the other night, a very stressful dream; I might add, “I don’t always remember my dreams”, but a few, I can see clearly in my minds eye, down to every detail, every person present…..

I was working a dialysis job, only, instead of a clinic with dialysis chairs, it was more like a church with pews, and many of my past patients I recognized were there, only, they were not all patients from one clinic. There were a few there from many of the locations I have previously worked at over the past eleven or so years, and the co-workers were mixed from past clinics also. It was odd. But the most stressful part about it is no one was helping me.

I had thirty (plus) people to start treatment, trying to keep to their scheduled times so that they all were not on late, I was going down the line of people sitting in these pews, placing needles and starting treatments to an invisible machine, and not having a computer or time to chart them, I scribbled notes down in random places as to their start time and vitals. It was crazy. All the while, I was having to call out to invisible co-workers that I really needed their help and no one would budge. I have not had a stressful work dream in a long time and this one took the cake.

As I woke up, I could feel my stress and anxiety build up. I laughed out loud and thought to check my own blood pressure.

Not surprisingly, it was high.

Who knows if it was the dream that caused the high blood pressure or the blood pressure that caused the dream? That is a good question. Chicken vs. egg type question, no??

Any “Doctors” or “Med” students reading this have an idea?!

Either way, no matter how many people I care for, I must always remember to care for myself. My health and my sanity has to come first so that I can be well enough to take care of those around me…..


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“It” (Stephen King)

I recently finished reading the book, “It”, by: Stephen King. You know, the one about “that” killer clown? Only really (and truly), that’s not what the book is about…

I was afraid to start reading it because generally, I do not care for scary books and movies, but I finally started reading it a few weeks ago and I could not put it down. What struck me about the story is how it is not in fact about a killer clown itself but is actually centered on a group of “uncool” kids, The Loser’s Club they called themselves, and the lasting friendships they formed.

The female in the group survives an abusive father (and a psychotic bully from school), only to grow up and marry a man who is equally as bad (if not worse than the both of them) — Her portion of the story smacked me in the face, hard. I could relate. While my home life as a child was controlling, but never as bad as she had it, my school bully ended up being a cousin that I had to finally stand up to and distance myself from in college, but damned if I didn’t marry a man who was awful. The same kind of awful. And I would, like she did, pretend that things were better. I had most of my family and friends convinced, or so I thought, and I was so good at pretending that I even convinced myself for a long time. In the book, she noticed a look in their eyes, before they would try and harm her or try to kill her, that spacious dead look. That look is real, it is physical. It is one I’ve seen before and never want to see or feel again.

Now, years later, I have grown up (or am attempting to grow up), much like the kids in the story, and I have to come back and face my inner darkness.

I won’t have to kill a clown, or a spider, or a werewolf/mummy/vampire, but my own lasting anger from before. It has strained my vision and threatens to wreck harm to the good life I have now. The life away from said people, the life in which I was supposed to grow up in, and will, but with great effort.

Most of the children in the book grew up, survived, and overcame this great darkness, IT. A few did not make it, and some just barely.

IT was a very good book. Much better than I realized. Not as scary, at least, not scary for the reasons I had guessed.

The book is one I’ll have my son read, and one I will try and get my youngest brother to read as well. It is a story of friendship, defying the odds, and standing up together against bullies and those who want to harm you.

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Time Will Tell

I was laying awake last night and thinking something… I can’t fully recall what exactly the thought that occurred to me was. I should have gotten up right away to write it down, as I know it will return to me at an inopportune moment.

Earlier this week, I was reminded of The Weather And, The Wine (Be Warned, Things Could Get Naked) — Over a year ago, we were sitting enjoying drinks and watching the bad weather, only to find out that it was a coming tornado (not near off) — We had no idea! — Well, as that’d happened before, we had our own “separate” tornado scare recently; the weather sirens went off, except this time I have a child so, I can’t drink and laugh and curse at the sky. We actually had to quickly go down to the basement and wait it out. Nothing came of it but some heavy rain (thank goodness).

Again, the change of perspective looms in my mind. I am a moody mess some days. But then I remember where I am now, who I’m becoming, and all the shit I’ve been through. I am grateful. I am angry, but I am grateful.


Channeling The Anger:

I’ve wanted to push a few select songs to the mainstream radio to see how they will do. It’s a big step, it has it’s own risks, kinda. A lot of work must be done, most of which my partner is doing, because let’s face it; he is much more organized and disciplined than I am currently. I am however, a work of art (in progress), and this FM radio push was my idea.

The parts are in motion, time will tell.

I’m excited.

Like a hyper-child, I just farted?

I have a few other creative ideas brewing that I will need to fully flesh out, before moving forward.

All in good time…

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A Personal Note On A New Song

A personal-note: Though I have German/Mennonite heritage, I grew up in an area with a very heavy Chicano/Tejano influence (which is funny, because I believe historically the Germans and the Mexicans had a good relationship i.e. The Kaiser and Pancho Villa?) — The culture, the language, the brightly colored homes, the superstitions and traditions, the smells and the food — I have a good appreciation for it, and believe it or not, spent a good several years only listening to Spanish music. Lou Diamond Phillips in “La Bamba” was always one of my favorite films, and the newer animated film “Coco” made me tear up and smile with familiarity that people where I live now would just not understand.

There is a soft place in my heart and from time to time, you may hear it or see its influence in our art, so, you can imagine how excited I was when Sekrett Scilensce recorded this one! It’s half English, half Spanish, and a completely a beautiful nod to the Tejano culture.

I think it’s beautiful and hope you enjoy!!

(Below is a copy of an entry from:

~ So, you want to come drink with us in a cantina? Well, what are you waiting for, let’s go! — Take a listen to: (And) “If You Understand” by: Sekrett Scilensce and get transported to a world where the sights and sounds of the current music-spheres would never dare take you. But hey, don’t just take our word for it, click the video-link below and find out for yourself!! ~

* Please unmute the sound as some browsers automatically do this *



* Please unmute the sound as some browsers automatically do this *

Song: (And) “If You Understand”
Label: Takeo Tama

Tell the World! Now!! “The Internet Purge, The Noise It’s Created, And What We Hear”

Business-UpdateAugust 15th, 2018 – After seeing time and time again, people getting censored, banned, deleted, and blocked for reasons varying from hate speech to differing opinions, “we” ‘as a company’, will not cry conspiracy — For a while, we are experimenting with utilizing a few other networks (as well) — The lines of expectation vs. reality have blurred, but honestly, “we” ‘don’t really care’. Politics and culture varies country to country, so why should that stop us? The extra noise and constraints can hinder creativity but, we WON’T disable your comments! (Even when you don’t like what we’re doing)…

That being said, WE PUSH ON!! We will continue to have our own websites until the internet dies.

When and if that happens then I will personally sell cd’s from the trunk of my car. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just bake everyone cupcakes and sit outside my house with a lemonade stand.

Mommy Shopping Spree?! (USA Only)
Click Here

Make sure and stop by then.

Katlina Kliewer on Spotify

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It’s Been One Year Since…

It’s been one year to the day that I was scared out of my mind, nervous and excited awaiting to drive to the hospital in the morning for surgery to meet my son. There in the operating room, he almost did not make it, but I thank the Universe he did. Now here he is healthy, funny and fiercely independent by his first birthday. His path is yet unfolding, and I am here enjoying every part of it.

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China Called (And I May Have Blown It!)

Enough of the depressing talk for nowI have a funny story to tell. — While on the recent road-trip that I took to visit family, I received a call which I hastily answered as I was pulling up to a hotel right near a busy highway. I was getting out of the car and trying to get a crying baby out of his car-seat and grab some bags at the same time to run into the hotel to sleep for the night.

I told the person on the line, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m coming in now!”

I did not notice the call was from Takeo Tama’s business-line and thought It was someone else.

The person who answered may have been from China? I do not speak Chinese, and wish I spoke Asian languages. All I heard is, Takeo Tama, maybe Beijing, and licensing.

I was so embarrassed, and apologized profusely, still not understanding what he was saying but once I heard licensing, I told him we would have to call back.

Business-Maven strike one!

I need a translator!!

I hope who ever called, can read this and know why I answered so abruptly.

China Is Calling?

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Depression Is A Fuck-Ass-Bitch

Depression is a fuck-ass-bitch that I know personally well. Sometimes there is a valid reason for her to rear her head, yet sometimes when everything is going just right… she pops in for a visit like an unwanted annoying neighbor, or that extended family member you don’t want to see but kind of “have to” for family’s sake. Sometimes she is here for just a short visit, but dammit sometime if she doesn’t just bring her bags and decide to stay for months!

Seriously, Go away! We all have shit to do and life to live, and things and people to love and enjoy with out the extra company bringing us down.

As if she isn’t bad enough, sometimes she brings her cousin Anxiety with her, Throw in Great Uncle Anger and the unwanted party is really getting started.

What the hell?!

I am much more productive without the unwanted visitors…

Anyone hearing this have the same problem?

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