Katlina Kliewer

Hello. Guten-Tag! ¿Cómo está?

Please, call her Kat, Katie, or Black Rabbit Society Overlord...

She's an entertainment professional who began her journey via the medical-field, Sight-Seeing, and Community Level Philanthropy.

She's carried Great Expectations for what may come. She's an Artist, Singer, certified Clinical/Hospital-Techician, and has even been a Magician's-Assistant at one point.

She's always looking to expand her reach with regards to Enterprising and community-contributions so, if you are involved with these activities then please, extend a hand and connect with her.

As a med-tech, she has specialized in assisting patients, making sure they are comfortable and well cared for. She's enjoyed their fellowship and is always amazed by their stories and life-experiences.

She's a hard-worker. She doesn't believe in half-assing much of anything although, she'd be the first to admit to burning the candle at both ends from time to time.

It's that nature of pushing harder that keeps her excited and moving onward, despite any obstacles.

She LOVEs Rabbits and German-Shepherds!! To her, they are awesome companions who bring a dimension of happiness and relaxation that most of us can't even get from other Humans at times (even when they're Family).

Keep an eye out. YOU never know what just, might, happen.....