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It doesn’t seem like many people know that “Hell In The Pacific” (OST) is one of the many licenses that Takeo Tama has under its belt. Another thing that a lot of people don’t know is that they may have in fact, only experienced a portion of this soundtrack-album as it had three major-releases (and one final-revision). So, now that I have your attention; some of you might have said to yourselves just then, “What on Earth is Hell In The Pacific?”

Hell In The Pacific (OST)
Description from the original box-art:

Pearl Harbor, Japan’s D-Day on America, one of the most Influential and eye-opening events of the 20th Century; Those that wanted War with Hitler’s regime but couldn’t join-up in time, finally get their chance to fight. Though titled as some grand form of theatrical art, no one really wanted front row seats in the Pacific-Theatre. Atrocities, Imprisonment, Torture and the like, soured this battle from the start. The main struggle for soldiers in this conflict would be sustaining their sanity, over all that ensued. In reflection of those troubling hours and historical plights, see the world as a soldier, crusading over the front lines; battling onward to make it through. Experience the sights through the Ambient, Classical, and Experimental sounds of The Modding Theater’s: “Hell in the Pacific” (Original Soundtrack)

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Brave Decisions, Scary Indecision, Blissful Expectations (@TakeoTama.com)

I am normally one of the most nerve-wrecked people you’d ever encounter (easily), to the point where it has at certain moments, made my decision making abilities “less” than desirable, but, despite all of that, I don’t care. I want to do well, I want others to fare well and grow, I want all things to expand (within reason) and mostly, I want ‘fun’ at the end of all these tunnels, these channels of dreams, beating the odds, escaping all fears; and then there’s the realities of my desires in…

1. Art

2. Creation

3. Entertainment

Preceded by:

A. Life (survival)

B. Health

C. Family

So, what are some of the fun things from the first list of three?

Taming The Beast!

At Takeo Tama, we have “The” ‘Composer’. I’m still wrapping my head around how many fully-completed releases we still have to get out. It’s insane!! So, in the interim, I tell Sekrett Scilensce, “I think it’d be a good idea to take some of your more unexpected songs and slip them out to [YouTube] via their recent merged [Google-Play] bullsh*t.”

I didn’t expect him to but, he sighed in agreement.

I moved along, explaining my thought-processes and ultimately, finally managed to formulate a bolder decision then many I’ve made over a long while.

Do you have 15-minutes?!

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Back to what I was saying; what’s fun from that second list??

Well, 2-months ago, I slipped on some ice and injured my ankle, and then had to crawl back inside then upstairs just to, “ice” it some more?

It’s finally starting to feel a little better and I’m walking with much less of a limp and no crutches but still!

My son is just as “graceful”. He falls constantly but smiles and gets right back up. Thankfully, he has not hurt himself too bad (yet), though he did just chip his tooth last night. He is starting to stand more on his own now and I’m sure he will take his first steps by the end of this month.

All this in between business-decisions, bottle-feedings, diaper-changes, quick-doodles, and staring out the window at the snow, missing the flowers and the beach!!

What have you been up to?


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I Lost My Oma Today

Many of my best memories are with her…

With his Great Grandmother.

A post shared by Katlina Kliewer (@katlinakliewer) on

I’m so thankful that my son got to meet “Oma”. I know she hated that I was taking this photo, but I feel grateful to have it. I loved her creativeness and quirky outlooks on life. When we asked why she was buying so many (socks, mittens, or other items) for the grand-kids for Christmas, her response was, “Who wouldn’t want oatmeal socks?” — “Who wouldn’t want fuzzy mittens?” — “Who wouldn’t want,” [insert_blank] etc.

When I was tiny, I would call her “Bitsy-Bamaw” (Grandma Betsy) and she let me.

I also remember her telling me when I was little that, “You should always keep a couple beers in the fridge, one to drink and one for pancakes.” (Pro Cooking Tip: A little beer in the batter makes pancakes very fluffy.)

I remember going to the flea-market with her one weekend and when the Cumbia/Tejano music came on, we started dancing in the parking lot the whole way in. She said, “When you hear it, you have to move like this.”

She was a talented painter and an amazing cook. She taught me how to draw and paint, how to be creative and thoughtful and how to appreciate nature (except for the squirrels that ate her birdseed), which was funny because when I told her my sister had rescued a baby-squirrel, my Oma said, “Why would she go and do a thing like that?”

She always slipped us a sugar cube or some brown sugar before dinner and told us not to tell our moms.

She once killed a rattlesnake with her high heel shoe. No joke! She was a tough but beautiful lady who always had some odd version of wise words to share.

Going out into the country to visit, ‘down the bumpy road’ has always been and will always be my favorite.



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Not Political (Just Thinking Aloud): “Twitter Notices Received?”

I read it was going to happen and then I received a notice from Twitter: “You have interacted with some Russian bots and liked or re-tweeted material during the 2017 election”.


(If only the Russian-bots had not influenced me, I may have actually voted.) <-- said sarcastically while rolling my eyes...

Twitter is a free to use social-media service that is not country specific (aside from Mainland China) and it does not prohibit use of feeds. It says so specifically in their TOS. So called “Propaganda” is just a form of free-speech. It should be protected no matter which side or which country or who’s opinion it comes from. If they are trying to censor material posted from “Russian-bots” then at the end of the day, it is not about Russia or the so called election.

It is an attack on free-speech, free-thought and is an issue of censorship.

It should not matter whether I liked or re-tweeted something from anyone during an “election” year.

So, excuse my language but, Fuck you Twitter and Fuck whoever paid you off because you are obviously doing someone else’s bidding!


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My Family Borscht Recipe (If You’re Interested)

Disclosure: Look, it’s not always sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, sometimes, it’s borscht with cabbage, and playing in the snow. I’m Katlina Kliewer, I’m in a multiverse, with good music, good drinks, baby laughter, birthday cake, business meetings, photo-shoots, patient care, and by god some good damn food. So that being said; enjoy the following if you dare…

My German/Mennonite Great Grandmother’s Borscht:

“Cook 1/2 a chicken (more if desired) with bay leaf, celery pieces, chopped onion, 5-6 whole allspice, parsley, salt and pepper until almost done or meat can be separated from the bones. Remove meat from broth, cool and dice in bite size pieces.”

To the broth add:

• Diced chicken

• 1 small onion

• several bay leaves

• parsley

Cook a little longer, then add:

• 1/2 head of cabbage

• 2 potatoes, cubed

• a tomato or tomato juice (V8)

• 1/2-3/4 cup carrot slices

• dash of chili powder

Just before serving, add 1/2 cup cream

This is a much different type of Borscht than the one my Russkie friend makes. Her recipe is made with beets (and was pretty damn good surprisingly).

What do you think?


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2018 Is Here!

Happy New Year everyone! Bring on the party, booze and tunes!! Watch the ball drop and celebrate! Just kidding, I have to be up at 3am. (cue the sympathetic music)… The past year brought us some really great things. Family. Friends. New experiences and tons of music from Takeo Tama. In 2018, we have a really fantastic lineup of productions to be released and more!

Stay tuned, stay safe, and have one for me!

~ Kat ~


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Just A Lullaby (For All Time Gone)

“Just A Lullaby” (For All Time Gone) by Katlina Kliewer is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play; head on over and download or stream it ASAP! Want to License the song in your Film, Television, Video-Game, App-software, Mobile-design, Corporate A/V, or Business Advertising/Marketing presentation? No probem!!



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This And That Time Of Year

It’s that time of year again! The air is chilled, the leaves have turned a beautiful array of colors, trick-or-treat’rs are at the door and, I’ve caught a cold!! Time to make some soup, get better, and get back in the studio. No one wants to hear a song sung with a stuffy nose (unless of course, it’s by Rod Stewart). It’s okay though, because, I have some artwork to finish up (which is a part of a long list of things that I’m severely backed up on).

This time of year, I like cooking more; trying new recipes and old favorites, and, I like going for scenic drives. There is always someplace to discover.

Around this time last year, I’d discovered a gorgeous monastery, in the middle of nowhere (while on my way to a billiard-hall no less).

What do y’all do that’s special in the fall?


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Paradigms Shifting (Temporarily?) Into Darkness

There are new developments on the horizon, and as in nature, you can expect a calm before the storm. Our quietness online is temporary and, will be (very!) short lived so, be Prepared, stay alert, and consider going on vacation or taking a long walk (and), most importantly, share pics with me; I’d like to see something beautiful!! From your eyes…

Think about it?!

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Something Is Coming. Everything Changes. Revive.

I take my hand and strike it down upon a newfound mound of soil. It is purer than all those of yore. I deliver yesteryear in a frantic yearn for evolution and behold, I blaze into the future, unscathed by the trials of my times. I redeem my wit, I rekindle my soul, and I regrow my serenity.

Something is coming.

Everything changes.


Be an Early Bird!

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